Friday Happenings

Welcome Friday! Even though it's still November I feel full of Christmas spirit because everything is now decorated for Christmas and we've started singing Christmas music at church.

This morning, I ate a cookies and cream cupcake for breakfast! It was all sitting on the counter screaming out for me to eat it, so I did.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas somehow turns into an eating free for all for me. There are so many parties, people bringing food to work, me thinking- it's only the holidays once a year! So, I indulge and I'm already starting to look/feel like it's time to slow down and quit eating so much junk (even though it's delicious junk)

Another holiday food I've been enjoying is Chex Mix!!!! Also called Texas Trash around my parents house. My mom and mother-in-law both make big batches of chex mix every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas and my brother, husband and me love it!!

This weekend I'm going to Arkansas for a wedding shower!! I'm super excited! I'm leaving straight from work so I have my front seat filled with my favorite road trip snacks- salt and vinegar chips, coke, water, chex mix. My poor husband will be home alone working hard on our back room, what a good man.

Some of you asked me what Pallea is since I wrote about it on Wednesday. Pallea is a Spanish dish made of meat or seafood and rice. You cook the rice and choice of meat in a huge pan all together with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, saffron, lemon juice and red pepper and it turns out super flavorful!

One last thought to leave you with today, I always feel the need to add an ! mark or 2 in any email I send or else it looks like i'm being too serious/unkind. When I get emails without exclamation marks I tend to read it in a monotoned voice and it's hard to tell what that person's voice inflection would sound like. Do you do this too?

Happy Friday and weekend!



Random Wednesday!

Wednesdays are a great day for a random post so here you have it-

I read "Pretty Little Liars" over the Thanksgiving break. I realize it is written for teens but I was entertained by the book. I couldn't wait to find out who "A" was or what the heck "The Jenna Thing" was by reading the rest of the books so I looked it all up in Wikipedia. Now I know all about Pretty Little Liars and didn't have to read a bunch more books to figure it out. I never do this with books but I knew that there were much better things I should be doing with my time than reading Pretty Little Liars.

It's time again for another home renovation project! Our house has a room off the back that used to be a screened in porch. Currently the room has no lights, why do people do this?? All the rooms in our house were like this until we added lights. Lamps just don't cut it for me. Also the back room has a tiny half bath that had a sink and urinal only. Our plan for the room is to knock out the half bath and put a full bath along the back wall and use the rest of the room as a study/guest room with a day bed and a desk.
The room currently serves as a dark, ugly orange, storage room but that will change over the next few months!

Have you ever had pallea?? My mother in law and I made some over Thanksgiving break and I'm a big fan! It takes a while to make but it tastes fantastic. It also make a lot! I love left overs so this is a great meal for me because I was able to eat it for 1 dinner and 3 lunches before running out.


Waiting For My Windshield to Thaw

I took some pictures this morning while waiting for my windshield to thaw out so I could see where I was driving.

My frozen windshield
It's a COLD 20 degrees this morning!

I got crafty last night a made a few glittery headbands! I bought the gold band part at Hobby Lobby. I'm lucky and have a job where I can wear a hippie headband to work and it's more than ok.

There was a urinal in our house up until last night. Apparently a bachelor lived in the house before us and had a half bath with just a urinal and a sink. Matt started taking that bathroom apart last night preparing to renovate the last room in our house before we will deem our home renovation complete!

Have a lovely Tuesday, is it cold where you live?


We had a Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some of my favorite photos from our weekend trip home to Texas for Thanksgiving! It was a lovely trip and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving too.

Mine and Matt's family around the table ready to eat!

Laura came to visit! We both love Bella and Francis!

Some precious kitty pictures!


Airstream Interior

I'm excited to reveal our Airstream interior now that the couch, pillow, bed, and curtains are done! Check it out- (All pillows, curtains and cushions made be me).

The living area of the Airstream with a forest of pillows!
Chevron Curtains! I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Curtain over the Kitchen Sink. We have a green tahoe that pulls the airstream so that's what's happening on this curtain.

Convenient shoe storage inside the door!
Bathroom Window



RVing is better than Camping

I've always thought camping in a tent was fun but camping in an RV is much much more fun.

For example, we had luxuries like a fridge, a microwave, TV to watch football, a real bed, and a heater.
We spent lots of time out by the campfire and hiking but when we wanted to come in from the outside we had that option. Plus, an Airstream is so much cuter than a tent.

This weekend was our first camping trip in our Airstream since it was remodeled! The weather was perfect. We don't have our plumbing complete yet so we didn't have any water in the Airstream but it was still a luxurious camping experience. Do you know what's really cool? Watching TV while camping. We had the Airstream door open and could catch glimpses of a football game on TV while sitting by the campfire.

This week I'll show you more interior photos of our Airstream now that the couch and curtains are done!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving week!  


Friday's Letters

Dear Friday Morning, I'm still on the couch in my PJ's, this is the life. I'm going into work a little later today and I kind of love a long leisurely morning.

Dear Winter of the World, I finished reading you this morning while I sat on the couch in my PJ's. Now I can resume normal life that I'm not consumed with reading this awesome book as much as possible.

Dear Airstream, looks like we're going camping this weekend!

Dear college roomies, I love how when we skype it's like no time has past since we've seen each other and we're just as goofy as always. Let's be friends forever!

Have a lovely weekend!

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What's Up Wednesday

Today I have a list of thoughts and happenings going on in my life for you-

Do you know those rare people that make you feel so awesome about yourself? Those super kind people that brighten your day? Well, one of those people came to our house last night and she is the kind of person I want to be! Nice, beautiful inside and out, and leaves you feeling so great. I'm thankful for people like her.

Y'all I've hit a wall with my working out. For the past 2 weeks I've been motivated and good about working out but yesterday it was hard to get myself to do anything and I'm dreading having to workout tomorrow! It feels like the time of year when I can eat whatever and it doesn't count but unfortunately we all know there is no such time of year.

I'm completely sucked into this book right now-

All I want to do is read all day because it's so good. If you like historical fiction, this author is the best I've read. This particular book is about WWII start to finish.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?? Cray cray! I'm excited to go home!

Lastly, how cute is this? I love it.


Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Today is my man's birthday!!! I made him a German Chocolate cake and brought him a cinnamon roll in bed this morning! So, happy birthday to the best guy in the world!!

Since I wrote last, I've made curtains for the Airstream! I love how our little home on wheels looks now, I cannot believe that we went from nothing to something awesome. I'll show pics soon!

This past weekend was spent making curtains and waiting FOREVER in the line at JoAnn Fabrics to get my fabric cut. I feel bad for the ladies that work there because they are so swamped with people needing fabric cut. I just can't believe how long it take, there should be an express lane for people with only one fabric they need cut. I get in line behind people with 10 different bolts they need cut and I just want to scream! Ok rant about the fabric store over.

Sunday was super cold and rainy. We took our time getting up then went shopping and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! It was a lovely day.

We also slept in the Airstream twice over the past 4 days! It's so cozy in there and fun to wake up sort of backyard camping.

Happy Tuesday, hope it's a great one for you!


Star Trails

This week has been particularly relaxing. Each evening I've spent hours reading "Winter of the World" in front of the fire, Matt made some homemade bread and I made fudge. It's been great because usually our evenings are more full with Airstream or house projects. Tonight I'll be kicking it back into work mode and making some curtains for the Airstream, then I'll show you pictures soon of our progress since the last round of pics.

The front of the Airstream is full of green, gray, silver and cream colors. I'm thinking I will throw some of that awesome trendy mustard color for the curtains to complete the look. Something like this would be nice-

Last night, Matt took this awesome star trails photo in our backyard-

I can't wait until we're out on the road in our Airstream taking more star trail pictures and seeing America!


Pinteresting Wednesday

Hey y'all. How's your Wednesday going? It's strange to think the election has come and gone yet again and now we're on to the next big thing- Thanksgiving! It's coming up soon ya know. I can't wait to go home to Texas and eat like there's no tomorrow.

Speaking of eating, I've been munching on a bag of Trader Joe's buffalo jerky and it is good. It tastes like BBQ and I'm trying not to eat the whole bag in a day.

Now how about some pins-


Fun for making personalized gifts, maybe I could do this to a coffee mug?
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


I've made this a few times now and it is delish!
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

yes I would wear this shirt!

I hope you have a lovely day, see you tomorrow! Don't forget about the giveaway I have going on, it ends Friday! Go check it out here!


A Big Day

It's a big day today, election day! Tonight (hopefully) we'll know who our next president will be and all the political ads will quit running!

Matt and I have been learning how to make homemade pizza dough and Matt made a loaf of bread. Have you ever make dough from scratch with yeast? The dough get HUGE! and tastes so good! Here are our recent creations-

 Happy Tuesday/election day to you!


My First Giveaway Ever!

Good Monday to you! You know how it got dark last night around 5pm? That is depressing to me. I'm not a fan of it getting dark so early because all I want to do is get on the couch and read/watch tv/ eat cake/ sleep when there are so many hours of darkness each evening.

So, today I'm giving away this lovely little item from my etsy shop hoping it will brighten your Monday-

Good luck! Winner will be chosen Friday! Enter below!

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Friday Favs

TGIF! I'm a little shocked that it's already November, time goes by so fast!

Because it's Friday, lets talk about some of my favorite things right now-

 I'm currently immersed in this book. Ken Follett is such an amazing story teller, I love it!!

How cute is this snowman in the tub!? I'm excited for Thanksgiving but more excited for Christmas!!

Now that our Airstream is coming to life I keep dreaming of the places we'll go in it, I want to hit up lots of National Parks.

This stitched map is so cute.

Koozies to go around your neck, awesome!

I love this time of year and am looking forward to the weekend! We're going to this food show that one of our local grocery stores puts on. You get to walk around a convention center sampling food and collecting coupons, sound right up my alley!

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