Into The Wild

By, Jon Krakauer

My Rating- 4 stars

Into The Wild, what a great book. This is a quick read about a young man in his 20s who decides to take his ideals and make them his reality. Krakauer tells the fascinating true story of Chris McCandless, who traveled all over the western U.S. and part of Mexico as a hitchhiker and adventurer for a couple of years making many unlikely friends along the way. 

His ultimate goal was to live in the Alaskan wilderness, solely off the land which he eventually does successfully for a few months. Something happens to McCandless however while he is alone in the wild and he ends up starving to death, Krakauer will tell you exactly how in the book.

Krakauer does a great job of telling the reader why McCandless did what he did and where he got his ideals from. The amazing tales of adventure in this book make me want to take an adventure of my own.


The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of New York City have a strange power over me and can pull me in like no other TV show. These ladies have the craziest drama but I just find myself glued to each episode.

I especially love those New Jersey accents, hilarious. Even though New York City is so close to New Jersey, the ladies in these two TV shows seem like they are from two totally different worlds.


Gas Land

According to Yahoo, "New research is providing some of the first scientific evidence that a controversial gas drilling technique can contaminate drinking water." Find the story here.

However, some people have known that the controversial gas drilling method known as fracking, has contaminated their drinking water for years now.

In the documentary, Gas Land, you will learn about the shortcuts that our government is allowing some natural gas companies to take in order to get to the natural gas underground. Unfortunately, the government is allowing drillers to ignore not only the environment but people's drinking water.

This documentary is one of those that will make you angry at the government and the crazy things they do to people sometimes. This is a MUST WATCH! You will learn so much.


Skeet Shooting!

Here is a fun video I made in iMovie of Matt and I skeet shooting today! I discovered that you can make movie trailers in iMovie and thought this was pretty funny:)

New Bike!

I got this beautiful bike today!

It is a hybrid meaning it is not completely a road bike but not fully a mountain bike. There are shocks like a mountain bike and thinner tires like a road bike but they have a little tread in case I do a little off road action.

If you knew me in college you may remember my awesome Craigslist bike that I rode around on and that my roomates enjoyed moving so I couldn't find it, you know who you are. I don't have a picture of it but it cost me $20 so you can imagine it wasn't much.

My new bike will hopefully be my new mode of transportation to work a couple of days a week! My dad rides his bike to work and was actually on the news for it in Tyler, TX! The local station did a story on how people where saving money on rising gas prices.

My reasons for wanting to ride to work, which is about 5 miles from where we live, is to save $$ on fuel and to give me some good exercise! I enjoy working out but I think this form of exercise will be really nice and different from my usual workout schedule lately.

I'll let you know how this all works out:)


Kansas City Wildlife

Ever since moving to the Kansas City area, I have spotted quite a lot of wildlife to my surprise!

I love animals and I get surprisingly excited when I spot an exceptionally neat animal or an exceptionally cute animal.

Over the past seven months of living here I have seen the following out in the wild-

Chipmunks- The first time I saw one in October I was so surprised. They are so precious! They must have gone into hibernation all winter because they disappeared until about the beginning of April.

Rabbits- I love rabbits and think they are super cute! It always makes my day to see a rabbit.

Geese- Wow, they are everywhere!

Ducks- Sometimes you see them hanging out with the geese.

A Beaver!- I couldn't believe this one! Matt and I were on a side road right by a really big interstate and it walked across the road. We stopped the car and watched it go by.

Deer- We saw these all the time in Texas but it is still exciting to see a deer.