Georgia Tech Homecoming

While traveling south from Great Smoky Mountains NP toward Florida, we stopped off at Georgia Tech for Homecoming!  Hard to believe Matt graduated 5 years ago!  We enjoyed some special homecoming events on Friday (like the Mini 500 tricycle race) and the football game on Saturday.

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-01_zps193f0a3a.jpg

Campus is partially divided by I-75/85 that goes right through midtown Atlanta.  The downtown skyline makes for a great backdrop for the football games.  Can you spot an olympic torch in the photo?!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-02_zps044ebe30.jpg

"Pomping" large displays with tissue paper is part of the Homecoming competition between various campus organizations.  Unfortunately high winds left this 30'+ tall display in a pile on the ground by the next morning.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-03_zps2362fe03.jpg

New Clough building - named after a former university president.  Seen the movie "The Internship"?  It was filmed in and around this building!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-04_zps11f9c7af.jpg

Matt's old mailbox in the middle - only if he could remember the combination...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-05_zps8ec2b756.jpg

Glen freshman dorm undergoing a complete renovation.  It's right across the street from the football stadium!  Oh good memories.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-06_zps0f6a3197.jpg

Ouch, a bit morbid for Homecoming don't you think!?
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-07_zps6932f94d.jpg

The classic Wrambin' Wreck!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-08_zpsd9d771ad.jpg

Nice halloween costume - it's Tech Tower and the "T" is missing!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-09_zps6418a050.jpg

Enjoyed a low country boil at the Delta Chi Fraternity house - great to see brothers again.  Excited to see the house expansion come to life.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-10_zps47d0e00c.jpg

Zach.  I need not say more.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-11_zpsc9af3508.jpg

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-12_zps58a6c2be.jpg

Go TECH!  Great to have a Homecoming Victory!  If it just wasn't so cold...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-13_zps1f322fb7.jpg

Before leaving Atlanta we made a point to visit the High Museum of Art.  Not nearly as large as Boston's fine arts museum, but still a very good experience.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-14_zps1dac9379.jpg

Classic European fine art.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-15_zpsc347d97d.jpg

Wow, can you believe that the veil is made of stone?  What talent it took to carve this marble statue.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-16_zps6aed2dee.jpg

Our favorite, Mr. Monet, proudly on display.  Well, all the impressionist fine art is pretty spectacular.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-17_zps4326206c.jpg

Now we're headed south to Florida, ready to escape the cold!


Tahoe Tuesday

This week I'd like to wish Matt a happy birthday!!! His Birthday is on Thursday, I hope Matt and Michelle let me have some birthday cake.

 photo IMG_4180_zpscc0bac52.jpg

In other news, I've been lounging on this awesome beaver skin Matt and Michelle got when they were in Yellowstone last summer before I was even their cat! It's luxurious and right in front of the window which is perfect.

 photo IMG_4159_zps43a0f92d.jpg

Have a good week! Love, Tahoe

 photo IMG_4188_zps44a0a64d.jpg


Great Smoky Mountain National Park

After spending some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in North Carolina we headed west over to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. What a pretty place to visit in the fall!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-01_zps83ac5ca6.jpg

We were lucky enough to arrive during the Elk Rut.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-15_zpsce7cc242.jpg

We got to do some trout fishing in the National Park. Fishing in the streams and rivers of this park was really fun and took us off the hiking trail to some pretty and more remote spots.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-04_zpsf227406e.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-14_zpsb8fcdb3c.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-10_zps38616cc0.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-11_zps985de335.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-06_zpsbc1d924b.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-05_zps4e8d3206.jpg

Here I am at the top of the park looking out over the mountains. There was a great observation tower, it was a tough hike to get up to it!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-13_zps149e8db2.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-12_zps933c1e4a.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-09_zpsd3a4f1da.jpg

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited National Park in the country!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-08_zps2ffc64a3.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-07_zps3b56c405.jpg

We also got some local culture in when we stopped by a plow festival at a farm near our campground. Here's a square dance club performing.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-03_zpsc14d5290.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-02_zpsf00bc5cc.jpg

Next we're off to Atlanta!


Tahoe Tuesday

Hey everybody. You know when somebody tells you what to do so you glare at them like this-

 photo photo1_zpsa72ac637.jpg

Well, sometimes Michelle and Matt tell me what to do like, don't lay on the induction cook top because it could cook me if it was hot but, I enjoy a warm stove top once in a while.

 photo photo2_zps4cc1ca36.jpg

Maybe I'll ask for a hot pad for Christmas, that would be nice!

I also have a video for you this week. I dropped a piece of food in my water bowl and had to fish it out. I think I like wet food. Maybe I'll also ask for some wet cat food for Christmas!


Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway that stretches from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. The parkway provides 469 miles of scenic beauty along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway has several visitors centers, campgrounds, and exits to cute little towns along the route.

We started the Blue Ridge Parkway on a foggy morning in Shenandoah National Park and hopped on and off the parkway all the way to the Smoky Mountains.

 photo IMG_1232_zpsf1d47b9c.jpg

This time of year is especially pretty because of the fall leaves. There are endless beautiful views along the drive. The road is a well maintained two lane highway.

 photo IMG_1257_zps43e389a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1321_zpse7897e96.jpg

 photo IMG_7205_zps73d89bdb.jpg

 photo IMG_1322_zps829d1b54.jpg

One of our favorite stops along the parkway was Asheville, NC. If you like handmade crafts and art then Asheville is the place for you! Asheville is dedicated to crafts and art with hundreds of shops to explore and places to take classes to learn a new craft.

 photo IMG_1332_zpsec848c99.jpg
This is the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. There were tons of handmade items such as Jewelry, Quilts, Furniture, Wood Crafts, Pottery, Clothes, and so much more!
Along with driving and seeing the beauty of the mountains, there's plenty of hikes along the parkway. We especially love hiking to waterfalls and there were several we got to see!

 photo IMG_1305_zps9a47dfb2.jpg

 photo IMG_1311_zps6fd3ade4.jpg

 photo IMG_1313_zps1882daa7.jpg

 photo IMG_1316_zps5414c48a.jpg

 photo IMG_1262_zps0d003bfb.jpg

The Blue Ridge Parkway isn't the only National Parkway in the USA. A National Parkway is a highway for recreational driving along a historic route that's maintained by the National Park Service. Other National Highways include the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, Colonial Parkway in Virginia, Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, and John D. Rockefeller Jr. Parkway that connects Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. 


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi Everyone! It may not look like it in this photo but I've been extra mischievous lately.

 photo IMG_1433_zps53a9bce2.jpg

For example Michelle was eating a pretzel today and I jumped up and tried to eat it right out of her hand before she knew what was going on. I wasn't quick enough this time, but next time I'll get it.

 photo IMG_1411_zpsd7d2775f.jpg

We are currently camping near Great Smoky Mountain National Park and will be heading to Atlanta later this week. I'll let you know next week if I succeed in stealing any food.

 photo IMG_1418_zps7e49260b.jpg