Georgia Tech Homecoming

While traveling south from Great Smoky Mountains NP toward Florida, we stopped off at Georgia Tech for Homecoming!  Hard to believe Matt graduated 5 years ago!  We enjoyed some special homecoming events on Friday (like the Mini 500 tricycle race) and the football game on Saturday.

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-01_zps193f0a3a.jpg

Campus is partially divided by I-75/85 that goes right through midtown Atlanta.  The downtown skyline makes for a great backdrop for the football games.  Can you spot an olympic torch in the photo?!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-02_zps044ebe30.jpg

"Pomping" large displays with tissue paper is part of the Homecoming competition between various campus organizations.  Unfortunately high winds left this 30'+ tall display in a pile on the ground by the next morning.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-03_zps2362fe03.jpg

New Clough building - named after a former university president.  Seen the movie "The Internship"?  It was filmed in and around this building!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-04_zps11f9c7af.jpg

Matt's old mailbox in the middle - only if he could remember the combination...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-05_zps8ec2b756.jpg

Glen freshman dorm undergoing a complete renovation.  It's right across the street from the football stadium!  Oh good memories.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-06_zps0f6a3197.jpg

Ouch, a bit morbid for Homecoming don't you think!?
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-07_zps6932f94d.jpg

The classic Wrambin' Wreck!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-08_zpsd9d771ad.jpg

Nice halloween costume - it's Tech Tower and the "T" is missing!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-09_zps6418a050.jpg

Enjoyed a low country boil at the Delta Chi Fraternity house - great to see brothers again.  Excited to see the house expansion come to life.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-10_zps47d0e00c.jpg

Zach.  I need not say more.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-11_zpsc9af3508.jpg

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-12_zps58a6c2be.jpg

Go TECH!  Great to have a Homecoming Victory!  If it just wasn't so cold...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-13_zps1f322fb7.jpg

Before leaving Atlanta we made a point to visit the High Museum of Art.  Not nearly as large as Boston's fine arts museum, but still a very good experience.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-14_zps1dac9379.jpg

Classic European fine art.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-15_zpsc347d97d.jpg

Wow, can you believe that the veil is made of stone?  What talent it took to carve this marble statue.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-16_zps6aed2dee.jpg

Our favorite, Mr. Monet, proudly on display.  Well, all the impressionist fine art is pretty spectacular.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-17_zps4326206c.jpg

Now we're headed south to Florida, ready to escape the cold!