Random Wednesday- Snow Day!

Yesterday we had a snow day!! Y'all, it snowed another 9-10 inches on top of our 12 inches from last week so you better believe the snow was up to my knees!

I love snow, it makes our neighborhood so pretty and cozy.

Matt, our neighbor, and myself went around shoveling people's driveways and sidewalks because it was just so fun to be out in the mega deep snow! My body is soooo sore now from shoveling. We have a plow but it didn't work that great.

 photo photo5-4_zps77c93cf4.jpg
The poor mailman came in the 2 feet of snow
 photo photo4-4_zpsecd6291f.jpg
 photo photo3-5_zps11518bf8.jpg
Go Matt!
 photo photo2-5_zpse001f88a.jpg

Besides snow, I've been crafting and so has my mom! She makes those ruffly crochet scarves that so many people are wearing right now so, I added some to my ETSY shop. If you've been wanting to get yourself or someone you know a crochet scarf you can get it here!

Happy Wednesday, is it snowing where you are?


Cold Weather Comfort Food

In preparation for our second big snow storm in less than a week I cooked up lots of can't go wrong comfort food on Sunday night. I don't usually prepare multiple meals at once but something came over me and I prepared Sweet and Sour Chicken, Spaghetti, Chili, and ground beef for tacos this week. I guess I wanted to be prepared in case the power went out (if it does we can use the microwave in the Airstream!).

The Sweet and Sour Chicken was a Pinterest find and the flavor was outstanding. (Click here for the recipe). The recipe was a pain to make, it was also super messy and took lots of bowls to prepare everything but, it was delicious and I would make it again next time I'm feeling like cooking a big meal.

 photo photo_zpsba8463f3.jpg

What do you like to eat in cold weather?


Spring in Texas to Winter in Kansas

Matt and I spent last week in Texas (here's why if you haven't read my post from Saturday yet). The temperatures in Texas ranged from the 40's at night up to 60's during the day. We were able to sit outside, not wear our heavy coats, and bask in the lovely warmth (compared to Kansas weather).

When we drove back to Kansas from Texas on Saturday we started seeing snow on the ground around Fort Smith, Arkansas and the snow just got deeper as we traveled north.

In one day we went from this-
 photo photo1-5_zps533b95b4.jpg
Here we're at Beaver's Bend State Park. There were even people fly fishing in the river.
to this!-
 photo photo3-5_zps8a9bb889.jpg
Thanks neighbor for shoveling our sidewalk!
Here are some pictures of our snowy winter wonderland. I actually like snow because it's beautiful and it makes the cold weather seem ok.
 photo photo2-5_zps95b75ea1.jpg
Our snowy house.
 photo photo5-1-1_zps5bf819d9.jpg
Those are stairs under all that snow!
 photo photo4-4_zpsbde30137.jpg
The backyard.
 photo photo3-2-1_zpse403c7fe.jpg
See those icicles? They are treacherous! They keep falling off the house.
 photo photo2-2-1_zps49d1a48a.jpg
Our sidewalk, the snow is about 12 inches deep!


What a Week

You may have noticed I've been gone from the blog all week. Matt and I went to Texas because his awesome grandfather passed away last weekend. Matt and I have been married for 2.5 years so I was Papa's granddaughter-in-law for a short time but I've known him for over 15 years. He was one of those people that was instantly everybody's friend. You felt joyful after you saw him. He will be missed so much.

Death is sad, it sucks and leaves a terrible empty feeling but, this week I know I and my family felt so surrounded by helpful loving people. It's amazing to me how people just know what to do to bring you comfort during the worst times. So, thanks to everyone who brought food, served food, cleaned up the yard, came to the service, shoveled Matt and my driveway for  when we got home and so many other things.

Kansas City was covered in snow when we got back this evening, about 12 inches of snow!! We will spend the rest of the weekend preparing for the next storm that may come on Monday/Tuesday! The weatherman is saying it could be 6 or more inches!

See you back here on Monday!


The Evolution of My Hair

When I look back at pictures of myself I'm sometimes surprised at the way my hair has changed over my life. It all started out as a lovely red-
 photo Matt26_zpsde13bbcb.jpg

Then we really see what my hair is made of as I get a little older. Curls and craziness. That's my brother brushing it for me.

 photo Matt23_zps150105d2.jpg

As I got older I had a nice bob for most of my elementary school years. My brother looks kind of tired of escorting me with my tiara in this picture if you ask me.-

 photo Matt220_zpsa4f473ce.jpg

As I grew up, my hair became even curlier-
 photo P1010065_zpsd4539b4d.jpg

And Crazier-

 photo MichelleandKelso_zps0f38a123.jpg

But is was perfect for theme parties!

 photo n18306923_32991883_1674_zpsf8398c9a.jpg

I went through a major ponytail phase in college just to keep my fabulous mane out of the way.

 photo LovetheMickeyBar_zpsfc42f3b3.jpg

Then one day, it started to calm down (with the help of better curly hair products).

 photo IMG_0841_zps7e65a8db.jpg

And look at me now!
 photo gofrogsa_zpse8b9177d.jpg

Personally I think it's kind of crazy how my hair has changed but I like it best just as it is now. I bet we all look back on our hair history and feel kind of amazed at times right?


Sliced Baked Potatoes

It's a rainy day here today and what do rainy days make me think of? Cozy comfort food. Tonight we're having Papa John's Pizza, my fav kind of pizza! Earlier this week I made a new favorite cozy comfort food that I discovered on Pinterest-

I pinned this and had a feeling I would love it and I can see myself making these alot in the future. The potato is slightly crispy and has phenomenal flavor with just olive oil, butter and salt. Here's a picture of how mine turned out!

 photo photo_zpsca59c4c5.jpg

If you like potatoes, make these, you won't be sorry!


Airstream Details

 photo photo2-5_zps8cb1044a.jpg
Our Pretty Sink
 photo photo3-5_zpsf458c88b.jpg
Beautiful Faucet
 photo photo3-1-1_zpsaa4fc58b.jpg
Our Fridge is a deep freezer converted into a fridge!
 photo photo4-1-1_zps470338e0.jpg
That would be Gary Patterson's picture on our fridge, GO FROGS!
 photo photo1-1-1_zps5cc20dd4.jpg
A little precious storage over the fridge, the rack came from Ikea
 photo photo2-1-1_zpsaf6cc2cf.jpg
Airstream Coffee Mugs!
 photo photo5-2-1_zps84ef058b.jpg
Fishing Pole Storage
 photo photo4-2-1_zpsfd720609.jpg
Our Cardboard Moose!
Check out more of our Airstream photos here!


Chocolate Greek Yogurt Recipe

Over the past few weeks I've been working to eat less sugar. I still love sweets and chocolate to be more specific so I need something that I can turn to when I crave chocolate. (By the way cutting out the sugar has flattened my stomach out noticeably to me so, I'm sold on limiting my sugar way back! My pants fit better and I like that!).

Chocolate Greek yogurt has a rich chocolate flavor but there is definitely still the underlying tangy flavor of Greek Yogurt which I love.

Here's how I make it-
1/2 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt
1 T cocoa powder
1 T maple syrup (I've also tried 1 packet of stevia and it's ok but I like Maple Syrup better).

Stir all ingredients together and let sit for 3 minutes so the cocoa can dissolve. Stir one more time and eat! It's also really good with strawberry on top and good on pancakes!

 photo photo2-4_zps1ace5e75.jpg


Super Boooowll!

Who would have thought the power would go out at the Super Bowl!? I think the 49ers fans must have something to do with it to get their team back on track. It almost worked!

Obviously Beyonce was phenomenal and bringing Kelly and Michelle out was genius. Loved it!

During the super bowl we got our eat on with pizza, bud light platinum, and a chocolate peanut butter shake.

Before the game Matt and I got down to business with our to-do list and completely finished painting the living and dining room. We had some wainscoting to paint and some touch up painting to do. We also painted our front door!! Our door went from a boring Khaki color that did match with the rest of our house to a beautiful burgundy/maroon! We also switched out the door hardware!

I hate painting but I love the end results.

 photo frontdoor_zps503fb980.jpg

 photo painting_zpsbc6498d1.jpg
 photo photo3-5_zpsec2068f5.jpg
 photo photo2-5_zpsb7b4fff7.jpg
I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Did you watch the Super Bowl? What did you think and what did you eat while you watched?


Hello February and Friday's Letters

As you can see, I redecorated last night! I've been pondering how I would redesign my blog if I could do anything to it and this is pretty close to what I have been envisioning. I've got some more work to do but, I really love my new header. I usually get scared away from photoshop when I'm trying to create in there but, last night I persevered and I like the result!

Now let's move on to Friday's letters!

Dear 10 degree weather, whoa, could you stop with being that cold? I'm not a fan.

Dear baked tacos, Matt and I loved you so much earlier in the week, we had you again last night!

Dear everybody, have you been on Vine yet? I've only made one video but I think I will like Vine alot. It helps you make creative little video stories with your phone.

Dear painting we have to do this weekend, It's been a while since I've had to paint anything so I will have a good attitude about it since I usually really hate painting.

Dear Super Bowl, I'm excited for the excuse to eat chips and queso, guac, and salsa while also eating pizza on Sunday.

Did you see the Airstream pictures I posted yesterday? Check them out here if you haven't. Have a happy weekend and I hope you get to eat lots of your favorite football food during the Super Bowl!