Seven Dollar Jeans and Baked Tacos

Something I love about Pinterest is the meal ideas, duh. Last night I made baked tacos. The picture just looked so good but as I made the baked tacos I thought, how can these really be any better than a normal taco??
 photo photo1-2-1_zpsb870dcd9.jpg

Well, I think I'll be baking my tacos from here on out because it was as good as a normal taco times 50! A baked taco is a beautiful, warm, all inclusive taco that stays in one piece as you eat it. It's also sort of like a nacho. So, I recommend the baked taco. All you do to make them is build your taco like you usually would minus any veggies and then bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Then you can add your veggies.

Another exciting moment from my weekend was my $7 jean purchase. I needed new jeans because all of mine had holes in them. For some reason I thought the Salvation Army would have the perfect pair of jeans for me and they sure did. Here they are in all their $7 gloriousness.

 photo photo1-5_zps4d9062b3.jpg

Now for another delish dish I made this weekend. Spinach dip made from cottage cheese. It's low calorie and tastes creamy and delightful.

 photo photo2-2-1_zpsd586a1cc.jpg

Lastly check out our new bathroom!!! The drywall and cement board are in!!

 photo photo2-1-1_zps44bfb762.jpg

 photo photo1-1-1_zps603e965b.jpg

Now it's almost time for tile and paint!
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