Wednesday Ramblings

-Do you know what's hard? Eating an entire slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. But, don't worry, I managed to eat a whole piece of Reese's cheese cake yesterday (I ate most of it in one sitting and finished the rest later at night.) Remember how last week I wrote about not eating sugar for a whole week? Well, I think I'm go off sugar again after my cheese cake endeavor yesterday.

You see, I had to get the cheesecake because somebody else was buying it for me and I'd be crazy to turn down such a nice treat right?? So, I knew that not eating sugar was making me feel great, healthy, light, fit, and clean. After I ate the cheese cake I felt slow, fat, nasty, my head hurt, and sleepy. It tasted great, so so great, but it sure didn't make me feel like it was really worth eating. I'm sure I'll eat cheesecake again but not anytime soon. I'm going to try going another week without eating sugar again and see how it goes.

-I'm still thinking about how much fun I had over the weekend at my college roomy, Ali's wedding festivities including her bachelorette party, rehearsal, wedding and tons of girl hang time among the bridesmaids!

-Matt and I love PBS and get excited to watch Antiques Road Show and Rick Steve's. I know, we are off the charts cool.

-It's been so cold lately that I've been blow drying my hair so I don't go to bed with it wet and freeze. I hardly ever dry my hair but lately I've loved having my hair did and I look so much more polished with it fixed.

-I wish I were here right now swimming with turtles, drinking rum and laying in the sun-
 photo 100_0273_zps632aa1db.jpg
Virgin Islands, I was here last February!
Have a great Wednesday! I'm linking up here today!

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