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Happy Thursday!! Today is my Friday because tomorrow I'm leaving for Arkansas to partake in a weekend full of wedding festivities for one of my college roomies. I'm a bridesmaid and I'm so excited! I packed a huge bag of make-up, nail polish and hair supplies for our weekend.

So after Christmas (and all of the delicious bad stuff I ate the month of December) I realized that I had a bridesmaid skirt I needed to fit into at the end of January. So, that plus the typical New Year's desire to become the best me, I started eating healthy and working out. My main method has been to eat lots of veggies and protein and to my own surprise I've cut out eating sugar (I haven't had any sugary treats, soda, nothing for a whole week). I've also added working out about 4 days a week. Even after just one week of cutting out sugar I feel so much fitter, lighter, energized and healthier. It's weird because I loooove sugar and never thought I could or would go a week without it. I didn't make a big deal out of it and kept telling myself that I could have something sweet tomorrow. After about 2 days of this trick I kind of just wanted to see how long I could go so here we are at one week. I'm sure I'll eat wedding cake and have some drinks this weekend but, It's nice to know that I really can live without eating candy, soda, cake, cookies, ice cream and things like that everyday.

Anyway, another fun healthy thing I've been eating are alfalfa sprouts!

For Christmas I got an awesome hydroponic alfalfa sprouting thing and a grow your own mushroom kit! Look at them grow!
I've eaten some of the sprouts but haven't had any of the mushrooms. Don't the mushrooms look crazy?!!

I hope you have a lovely Thursday!
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