Beautiful Airstream

It's been a while since I showed you the inside of our Airstream so how about some pictures!!?

Last night we looked around and asked, are we done? Is it complete? We came up with, yes! So, here is our finished Airstream in all it's beautiful glory-
 photo photo3-3-1_zps8e691aad.jpeg
 photo photo1-1-1_zps3a95dd2e.jpeg

 photo photo4-2-1_zps2f2f1425.jpeg

 photo photo1-3-1_zps90c4ede2.jpeg

 photo photo5-4_zps0e2efe08.jpeg

 photo photo5-2-1_zps2d1cb88b.jpeg

 photo photo2-3-1_zpsd72ffaf8.jpeg

Now it's time to plan some traveling!
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