Hello February and Friday's Letters

As you can see, I redecorated last night! I've been pondering how I would redesign my blog if I could do anything to it and this is pretty close to what I have been envisioning. I've got some more work to do but, I really love my new header. I usually get scared away from photoshop when I'm trying to create in there but, last night I persevered and I like the result!

Now let's move on to Friday's letters!

Dear 10 degree weather, whoa, could you stop with being that cold? I'm not a fan.

Dear baked tacos, Matt and I loved you so much earlier in the week, we had you again last night!

Dear everybody, have you been on Vine yet? I've only made one video but I think I will like Vine alot. It helps you make creative little video stories with your phone.

Dear painting we have to do this weekend, It's been a while since I've had to paint anything so I will have a good attitude about it since I usually really hate painting.

Dear Super Bowl, I'm excited for the excuse to eat chips and queso, guac, and salsa while also eating pizza on Sunday.

Did you see the Airstream pictures I posted yesterday? Check them out here if you haven't. Have a happy weekend and I hope you get to eat lots of your favorite football food during the Super Bowl!

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