The Evolution of My Hair

When I look back at pictures of myself I'm sometimes surprised at the way my hair has changed over my life. It all started out as a lovely red-
 photo Matt26_zpsde13bbcb.jpg

Then we really see what my hair is made of as I get a little older. Curls and craziness. That's my brother brushing it for me.

 photo Matt23_zps150105d2.jpg

As I got older I had a nice bob for most of my elementary school years. My brother looks kind of tired of escorting me with my tiara in this picture if you ask me.-

 photo Matt220_zpsa4f473ce.jpg

As I grew up, my hair became even curlier-
 photo P1010065_zpsd4539b4d.jpg

And Crazier-

 photo MichelleandKelso_zps0f38a123.jpg

But is was perfect for theme parties!

 photo n18306923_32991883_1674_zpsf8398c9a.jpg

I went through a major ponytail phase in college just to keep my fabulous mane out of the way.

 photo LovetheMickeyBar_zpsfc42f3b3.jpg

Then one day, it started to calm down (with the help of better curly hair products).

 photo IMG_0841_zps7e65a8db.jpg

And look at me now!
 photo gofrogsa_zpse8b9177d.jpg

Personally I think it's kind of crazy how my hair has changed but I like it best just as it is now. I bet we all look back on our hair history and feel kind of amazed at times right?
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