Airstream Details

 photo photo2-5_zps8cb1044a.jpg
Our Pretty Sink
 photo photo3-5_zpsf458c88b.jpg
Beautiful Faucet
 photo photo3-1-1_zpsaa4fc58b.jpg
Our Fridge is a deep freezer converted into a fridge!
 photo photo4-1-1_zps470338e0.jpg
That would be Gary Patterson's picture on our fridge, GO FROGS!
 photo photo1-1-1_zps5cc20dd4.jpg
A little precious storage over the fridge, the rack came from Ikea
 photo photo2-1-1_zpsaf6cc2cf.jpg
Airstream Coffee Mugs!
 photo photo5-2-1_zps84ef058b.jpg
Fishing Pole Storage
 photo photo4-2-1_zpsfd720609.jpg
Our Cardboard Moose!
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