Random Wednesday- Snow Day!

Yesterday we had a snow day!! Y'all, it snowed another 9-10 inches on top of our 12 inches from last week so you better believe the snow was up to my knees!

I love snow, it makes our neighborhood so pretty and cozy.

Matt, our neighbor, and myself went around shoveling people's driveways and sidewalks because it was just so fun to be out in the mega deep snow! My body is soooo sore now from shoveling. We have a plow but it didn't work that great.

 photo photo5-4_zps77c93cf4.jpg
The poor mailman came in the 2 feet of snow
 photo photo4-4_zpsecd6291f.jpg
 photo photo3-5_zps11518bf8.jpg
Go Matt!
 photo photo2-5_zpse001f88a.jpg

Besides snow, I've been crafting and so has my mom! She makes those ruffly crochet scarves that so many people are wearing right now so, I added some to my ETSY shop. If you've been wanting to get yourself or someone you know a crochet scarf you can get it here!

Happy Wednesday, is it snowing where you are?

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