Cold Enough to Freeze My Car Doors Shut

That's right, I went out in the snow this morning to get in my car but my doors were frozen and I couldn't open them at all. I probably would have broken my door handle before getting the door open if I'd kept pulling. I wasn't sure what to do so thankfully I have another person I can turn to and say what should I do?? That person is my smart husband who poured de-icer on the door and it opened! So as I sit here typing, I'm letting the car warm up before I go drive to work, which also means I'm getting about a 1 hour later start than usual.

 photo photo3-1_zps30509f3c.jpg
Anyway, I love snow! It's going to be a great day! Snow makes cold weather ok!

Also, I've been eating chocolate Greek Yogurt lately and it is delicious x10!! I had it with strawberries and with pancakes. I love it!

 photo photo2-4_zps1ace5e75.jpg
 photo photo1-4_zpsd5e064b2.jpg
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