Designer Whey Protein Powder


 I don't know about you but I have a sweet tooth for sure, after dinner I neeeeed dessert (or so my brain thinks). Lately I've been mixing up a chocolate Designer Whey shake for my dessert or having one for breakfast and it tastes really good!

Usually I blend a scoop of powder, a handful of spinach and carrots and milk together. I've also tried adding banana which is good. I've also substituted the milk with water. The milk def tastes better than water but water isn't bad.

I've also tried the chocolate whey powder with just water, its ok but I don't love it. I've also mixed it with just milk and it was really good! It's super chocolatey and tastes great.

My favorite way to eat it is probably a scoop of power, a few ice cubes, a handful of spinach, and 8 oz of milk blended together in the blender. This is super chocolatey and I feel like I'm being extra healthy by adding the spinach which you can't taste at all.

I found out about this protein powder via other blogs and when I saw it at Trader Joe's I thought I'd give it a try. If you need a tasty protein powder to try out I'm a fan of this one and recommend the chocolate flavor!
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