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This blog is a journal of our Airstream journey! We don't live in the Airstream anymore but, there are lots of great posts to dig through if you'd like to see what life in an Airstream for a couple of years looked like for my husband and I! Look back through the archives at where all we traveled and how fun it all was!


Panama City Beach, Florida

Hello Luxe Land Yacht readers!

Well, its been a bit since our last update and if you're wondering where we are now, then this post will fill you in.

Since November we've been parked in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida!

We really like it here, can you see why? We've got some exciting things coming up on the horizon so check back in with us again soon!


Georgia Tech Homecoming

While traveling south from Great Smoky Mountains NP toward Florida, we stopped off at Georgia Tech for Homecoming!  Hard to believe Matt graduated 5 years ago!  We enjoyed some special homecoming events on Friday (like the Mini 500 tricycle race) and the football game on Saturday.

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-01_zps193f0a3a.jpg

Campus is partially divided by I-75/85 that goes right through midtown Atlanta.  The downtown skyline makes for a great backdrop for the football games.  Can you spot an olympic torch in the photo?!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-02_zps044ebe30.jpg

"Pomping" large displays with tissue paper is part of the Homecoming competition between various campus organizations.  Unfortunately high winds left this 30'+ tall display in a pile on the ground by the next morning.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-03_zps2362fe03.jpg

New Clough building - named after a former university president.  Seen the movie "The Internship"?  It was filmed in and around this building!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-04_zps11f9c7af.jpg

Matt's old mailbox in the middle - only if he could remember the combination...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-05_zps8ec2b756.jpg

Glen freshman dorm undergoing a complete renovation.  It's right across the street from the football stadium!  Oh good memories.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-06_zps0f6a3197.jpg

Ouch, a bit morbid for Homecoming don't you think!?
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-07_zps6932f94d.jpg

The classic Wrambin' Wreck!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-08_zpsd9d771ad.jpg

Nice halloween costume - it's Tech Tower and the "T" is missing!
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-09_zps6418a050.jpg

Enjoyed a low country boil at the Delta Chi Fraternity house - great to see brothers again.  Excited to see the house expansion come to life.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-10_zps47d0e00c.jpg

Zach.  I need not say more.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-11_zpsc9af3508.jpg

 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-12_zps58a6c2be.jpg

Go TECH!  Great to have a Homecoming Victory!  If it just wasn't so cold...
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-13_zps1f322fb7.jpg

Before leaving Atlanta we made a point to visit the High Museum of Art.  Not nearly as large as Boston's fine arts museum, but still a very good experience.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-14_zps1dac9379.jpg

Classic European fine art.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-15_zpsc347d97d.jpg

Wow, can you believe that the veil is made of stone?  What talent it took to carve this marble statue.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-16_zps6aed2dee.jpg

Our favorite, Mr. Monet, proudly on display.  Well, all the impressionist fine art is pretty spectacular.
 photo 11-12-14GTHomecomingandHighArt-17_zps4326206c.jpg

Now we're headed south to Florida, ready to escape the cold!


Tahoe Tuesday

This week I'd like to wish Matt a happy birthday!!! His Birthday is on Thursday, I hope Matt and Michelle let me have some birthday cake.

 photo IMG_4180_zpscc0bac52.jpg

In other news, I've been lounging on this awesome beaver skin Matt and Michelle got when they were in Yellowstone last summer before I was even their cat! It's luxurious and right in front of the window which is perfect.

 photo IMG_4159_zps43a0f92d.jpg

Have a good week! Love, Tahoe

 photo IMG_4188_zps44a0a64d.jpg