Friends In DC

Two of Michelle's college roomates aka, BFFs currently live in DC so, on our visit to our nation's capitol we had the added benefit of spending time with great friends! One of Michelle's additional college BFFs lives in NYC and came down to DC to join the party!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-7_zps475308a5.jpg
Photo credit to Nikita Purdy. In this photo we're taking a break in Georgetown.

We went out to cool DC restaurants, met each others pets (and let our pets meet each other), saw where each other lived, and introduced our friends to campground life so they could explore our Airstream.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-5_zps5254d470.jpg
Tahoe staring at Abey.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-4_zps9ffab065.jpg
We had strawberry ice cream!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-3_zpse21a3d81.jpg
Enjoying the great outdoors.

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-2_zps5c5fe74e.jpg
Abey and Nikita

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-1_zps67748273.jpg
BFFs and our pets.

We had a phenomenal time with friends and are so glad we got to visit them in a such a great city!

It's also nice to be guided around a city by locals who know about completely different experiences than the typical tourist ones. Cheers to a fun time! Thanks for being great hosts!

 photo 5-30-14FriendsinDC-LuxeLandYacht-6_zpsd78226dd.jpg
Here we are after eating at Sakuramen in Adams Morgan, so delicious!


Washington DC!

Washington DC is a great city that we've had such a great time exploring. One of my favorite parts of DC are the monuments and our beautiful capitol!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to go up in the Washington Monument which recently reopened after being closed for the past several years.

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-02_zps31c85a6d.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-01_zps9f8cabb5.jpg

Here's the elevator to go up into the monument-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-04_zps3f3b59a4.jpg

Here's the tiny window you get to look out at the top!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-05_zps71c6743a.jpg

The view was pretty good at the top of the monument!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-06_zps3dab6153.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-03_zps25dcc298.jpg

You know what this is!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-07_zps4d4fa0af.jpg

The capitol is a beautiful ornate building-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-08_zps6f51e02c.jpg

This is inside the capitol in the rotunda. It was very crowded!

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-09_zpsefbcd1f2.jpg

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-10_zps8d0c586c.jpg

The dome of the capitol is being repaired currently and this drop cloth is suppose to protect the people below from any falling debris-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-11_zpsd89a3d13.jpg

Here's a view of the WWII monument-

 photo 5-28-14TheMallPartI-TheMonuments-17_zps3972f6ed.jpg

Have you ever been to DC? What's your favorite part?


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi Everybody! Sorry my post is going up later than usual today, I forgot it was Tuesday! Thanks to my friend Jim for reminding me to post!

 photo photo_zps007fa267.jpg

I've had a very exciting week. My Aunt Lindsay got me two new toys that I love. One chirps like a bird and the other ribbits like a frog. They are so fun and I'm obsessed with them.

 photo photo2_zpsabe4a285.jpg

I hope you have a great week! I'm going to take a nap and catch up on some sleep-

 photo photo1_zpse67c59ea.jpg


Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown

After Matt and I left Charleston we stopped in Williamsburg for a few days to soak up some American history before heading to Washington DC.

The Williamsburg area is full of important places in US history. I'm glad we were able to visit all three important places Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. All three places are within 30 minutes of each other and visiting all three gives you a great sense of the early settlers and colonial times in the USA.

Jamestown was the first successful British settlement in the US. The site of the settlement is currently being excavated by archeologists and they have found lots of artifacts from the people that lived at the Jamestown settlement. Jamestown had some celebrities you've probably heard of such as John Smith and Pocahontas. The interesting thing about Jamestown is that new things are being discovered that were lost over time in the layers of dirt. I thought it was fascinating to stand in the same places as some of America's most famous settlers.

 photo photo2_zpsee692c15.jpg

 photo photo1_zps7edcf09d.jpg

Yorktown is a battlefield where the Revolutionary war was fought. The colonists along with help from the French destroyed the British at Yorktown!

 photo photo3_zpsec4c5e6b.jpg

Williamsburg is a colonial town described as a living history museum. Williamsburg is further north up the river than Jamestown and became the capitol of Virginia after Jamestown. It's very quaint and pretty with fun shops!

 photo photo5_zpsf092447d.jpg

 photo photo4_zpse128c2b3.jpg

Here are some insider tips about the area, there are some tourist traps in these places. If you want to learn some great history then go to the origional Jamestown settlement that's run by the National Park. It's so interesting and informative. Your admission fee for Jamestown also gets you into Yorktown. Williamsburg is a real town and you're allowed to walk around for free. You need a ticket to go into some of the buildings and watch some of the reenactments but, a lot happens out in the open. I recommend going into Williamsburg for a day and if you really want to go inside the buildings then go buy your ticket.

I'm glad we visited this historic place, it was very interesting!


We're In DC

We are in our Nation's capitol! There are many stories to tell but I wanted to check in with y'all just to let you know where we are. There will be more posts soon! I'll leave you with this pretty picture of the Capitol Building for now-

 photo thecapitol_zpscfa776ba.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

I've had a very exciting weekend! I met the nicest, prettiest dog. Her name is Abey and she came to visit me this week.

 photo photo1_zps25f7094b.jpg

Abey is Michelle's BFF's dog and it was fun to have a friend to play with. I followed her around and bopped her in the face with my paws. I think she was a little scared of me because I wouldn't stop staring at her but I had a good time!

 photo photo_zps841bd419.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsda62aad7.jpg

I hope she'll come back to visit me again or maybe Michelle and Matt will get us a dog for me to play with??

 photo photo3_zps45b4329c.jpg


Charleston, SC

I've never seen so many pretty old houses in one place! I love strolling up and down streets looking at old pretty homes so, Charleston was perfect for that. Enjoy some photos of this beautiful old southern city by the sea-

 photo IMG_2635_zps80e5bbf4.jpg

 photo IMG_2685_zpscbb96997.jpg

 photo IMG_2684_zps371e5890.jpg

 photo IMG_2683_zpse44b84d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_zps55569a03.jpg

 photo IMG_2669_zps80f8f655.jpg

 photo IMG_2654_zps948786a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2646_zps03e2f321.jpg

 photo IMG_2642_zps48d30e90.jpg

 photo IMG_2638_zpsd9400e78.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

Hello and happy Tahoe Tuesday!! I wanted to take today to show you how handsome I've gotten. Here's my baby picture, see me all tiny up against Matt's black jacket?

 photo babytahoe_zps49fbf02c.jpg

And here I am now, about 4 times bigger than I was when I first met Matt and Michelle-

 photo bigtahoe_zps1d9a3d39.jpg

I hope you have a good week! See you next time!


Hilton Head

Matt and I have been traveling along the coast for over a month now and have seen boats galore along the way. I've been itching to get on a boat after seeing so many from the outside. Luckily there was a boat show going on at the Hilton Head Yacht Club.

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-01_zps630efdaf.jpg

Do you know how fun it is to get on a yacht and tour around? It's fun! Getting to explore the yacht club was pretty great too.

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-08_zpsad489a7c.jpg

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-07_zps08499180.jpg

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-06_zps1192ba4d.jpg

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-05_zps8524961e.jpg
There's a new solar/diesel hybrid boat out!

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-02_zps32af4212.jpg

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-04_zpsd5da8245.jpg

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-09_zps6a30280d.jpg
I got to try out a SUP!

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-10_zpsb8a72119.jpg

After spending the day at the boat show we went to the beach. Hilton Head has a nice public beach access with tons of swings, showers and changing rooms-

 photo 5-11-14HiltonHeadLuxeLandYacht-15_zpsbfb10f6d.jpg

We had a great time in Hilton Head!