Beautiful Airstream

It's been a while since I showed you the inside of our Airstream so how about some pictures!!?

Last night we looked around and asked, are we done? Is it complete? We came up with, yes! So, here is our finished Airstream in all it's beautiful glory-
 photo photo3-3-1_zps8e691aad.jpeg
 photo photo1-1-1_zps3a95dd2e.jpeg

 photo photo4-2-1_zps2f2f1425.jpeg

 photo photo1-3-1_zps90c4ede2.jpeg

 photo photo5-4_zps0e2efe08.jpeg

 photo photo5-2-1_zps2d1cb88b.jpeg

 photo photo2-3-1_zpsd72ffaf8.jpeg

Now it's time to plan some traveling!


Cold Enough to Freeze My Car Doors Shut

That's right, I went out in the snow this morning to get in my car but my doors were frozen and I couldn't open them at all. I probably would have broken my door handle before getting the door open if I'd kept pulling. I wasn't sure what to do so thankfully I have another person I can turn to and say what should I do?? That person is my smart husband who poured de-icer on the door and it opened! So as I sit here typing, I'm letting the car warm up before I go drive to work, which also means I'm getting about a 1 hour later start than usual.

 photo photo3-1_zps30509f3c.jpg
Anyway, I love snow! It's going to be a great day! Snow makes cold weather ok!

Also, I've been eating chocolate Greek Yogurt lately and it is delicious x10!! I had it with strawberries and with pancakes. I love it!

 photo photo2-4_zps1ace5e75.jpg
 photo photo1-4_zpsd5e064b2.jpg


MMMM Heck Yes!

There is a BBQ place here in town that I would eat at everyday if I could. I usually get a pulled pork sandwich and it's so good and satisfying. I thought I'd try making my own pulled pork sandwiches because the cost of a 4 pound pork roast was $6 and the price of the sandwich I love is $5 soooo, I thought if I could make a huge batch of pulled pork BBQ then I could eat tons of yummy sandwiches all week.

Well, they turned out awesome!!! I cooked my pork roast for 9 hours in the crock pot with chicken stock, onions, salt and brown sugar. When it was done I shredded the pork and mixed in tons of BBQ sauce.

 photo photo2-3-1_zps5a7e5fc6.jpg
 photo photo1-3-1_zps68200cf4.jpg

I defninetely got my wish and will have tons of BBQ sandwiches to eat this week, yeahhh!


Seven Dollar Jeans and Baked Tacos

Something I love about Pinterest is the meal ideas, duh. Last night I made baked tacos. The picture just looked so good but as I made the baked tacos I thought, how can these really be any better than a normal taco??
 photo photo1-2-1_zpsb870dcd9.jpg

Well, I think I'll be baking my tacos from here on out because it was as good as a normal taco times 50! A baked taco is a beautiful, warm, all inclusive taco that stays in one piece as you eat it. It's also sort of like a nacho. So, I recommend the baked taco. All you do to make them is build your taco like you usually would minus any veggies and then bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Then you can add your veggies.

Another exciting moment from my weekend was my $7 jean purchase. I needed new jeans because all of mine had holes in them. For some reason I thought the Salvation Army would have the perfect pair of jeans for me and they sure did. Here they are in all their $7 gloriousness.

 photo photo1-5_zps4d9062b3.jpg

Now for another delish dish I made this weekend. Spinach dip made from cottage cheese. It's low calorie and tastes creamy and delightful.

 photo photo2-2-1_zpsd586a1cc.jpg

Lastly check out our new bathroom!!! The drywall and cement board are in!!

 photo photo2-1-1_zps44bfb762.jpg

 photo photo1-1-1_zps603e965b.jpg

Now it's almost time for tile and paint!


Wednesday Ramblings

-Do you know what's hard? Eating an entire slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. But, don't worry, I managed to eat a whole piece of Reese's cheese cake yesterday (I ate most of it in one sitting and finished the rest later at night.) Remember how last week I wrote about not eating sugar for a whole week? Well, I think I'm go off sugar again after my cheese cake endeavor yesterday.

You see, I had to get the cheesecake because somebody else was buying it for me and I'd be crazy to turn down such a nice treat right?? So, I knew that not eating sugar was making me feel great, healthy, light, fit, and clean. After I ate the cheese cake I felt slow, fat, nasty, my head hurt, and sleepy. It tasted great, so so great, but it sure didn't make me feel like it was really worth eating. I'm sure I'll eat cheesecake again but not anytime soon. I'm going to try going another week without eating sugar again and see how it goes.

-I'm still thinking about how much fun I had over the weekend at my college roomy, Ali's wedding festivities including her bachelorette party, rehearsal, wedding and tons of girl hang time among the bridesmaids!

-Matt and I love PBS and get excited to watch Antiques Road Show and Rick Steve's. I know, we are off the charts cool.

-It's been so cold lately that I've been blow drying my hair so I don't go to bed with it wet and freeze. I hardly ever dry my hair but lately I've loved having my hair did and I look so much more polished with it fixed.

-I wish I were here right now swimming with turtles, drinking rum and laying in the sun-
 photo 100_0273_zps632aa1db.jpg
Virgin Islands, I was here last February!
Have a great Wednesday! I'm linking up here today!


A Few Pictures From My Weekend

Matt and I just got back from a super fun weekend in Arkansas! I have a few pics from Matt's phone from my friends wedding that I got to be in, so here they are-
 photo aliwedding_zpsd6d6405b.jpg
The Church
 photo gofrogsa_zpse8b9177d.jpg
Go Frogs!
 photo photo2-5_zps2c938c3a.jpg
Hubby and I
 photo photo3-5_zps401195b6.jpg
Us with my parents
 photo awed3_zpsf5b312c5.jpg
The Bride and Groom about to cut the cake! Check out that beautiful dress!
 photo photo4-4_zps689e2020.jpg
Throwing the bouquet! I'm glad I don't have to participate in that anymore:)
 photo photo5-4_zps55f20a54.jpg
Who can resist the Wal Mart visitors center when you visit NW Arkansas?
We had so much fun celebrating the newly weds and I had fun getting to spend so much time with Ali and all the bridesmaids! Us girls knew how to have a good time. Now I'm going to recover from all the excitment on the couch under my heated blanket and watch the bachelor!


My Kitchen Garden

Happy Thursday!! Today is my Friday because tomorrow I'm leaving for Arkansas to partake in a weekend full of wedding festivities for one of my college roomies. I'm a bridesmaid and I'm so excited! I packed a huge bag of make-up, nail polish and hair supplies for our weekend.

So after Christmas (and all of the delicious bad stuff I ate the month of December) I realized that I had a bridesmaid skirt I needed to fit into at the end of January. So, that plus the typical New Year's desire to become the best me, I started eating healthy and working out. My main method has been to eat lots of veggies and protein and to my own surprise I've cut out eating sugar (I haven't had any sugary treats, soda, nothing for a whole week). I've also added working out about 4 days a week. Even after just one week of cutting out sugar I feel so much fitter, lighter, energized and healthier. It's weird because I loooove sugar and never thought I could or would go a week without it. I didn't make a big deal out of it and kept telling myself that I could have something sweet tomorrow. After about 2 days of this trick I kind of just wanted to see how long I could go so here we are at one week. I'm sure I'll eat wedding cake and have some drinks this weekend but, It's nice to know that I really can live without eating candy, soda, cake, cookies, ice cream and things like that everyday.

Anyway, another fun healthy thing I've been eating are alfalfa sprouts!

For Christmas I got an awesome hydroponic alfalfa sprouting thing and a grow your own mushroom kit! Look at them grow!
I've eaten some of the sprouts but haven't had any of the mushrooms. Don't the mushrooms look crazy?!!

I hope you have a lovely Thursday!


Random Wednesday, Eating Good

This week I've made all meals I've found on Pinterest or blogs.

Sunday I made Pizza Pull Apart Bread. It tasted good but didn't turn out pretty.

Monday I made Baked Lemon Chicken with Red Potatoes and Green Beans. This was amazing! It was easy and tasted great! Matt wasn't a huge fan because he doesn't like lemon as much as I do.

Tuesday I made Beefy Mac and Cheese! This was my favorite, so so good. Matt loved this dish too. It sounds like Hamburger Helper but is oh so much better.

I've been trying to read A Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling but I'm just not able to get into it... I read some reviews on Amazon and it looks like people either love it or hate the book. There are is lot of British lingo in this book too so, I'm not always sure what some of it means.

Lastly, I've been really good at following the official Blogilates calendar and doing the workouts it tells me to do. My body is sooooo sore but I love how firm and trim I'm feeling because of it! If you want to try out a great workout for free you should click here!!


Friday's Letters

Dear warm weather today, so nice to see you! Dear Hubby, thanks soooo much for my Kindle! I just finished an amaze book and feel so cozy when I bundle up under a blanket to read. Dear amazing book I just read, it's called Bloody Jack, and its about a girl that sneakily becomes part of the crew of a British Navy ship, so entertaining.
Dear Pinterest, I tried out this makeup tutorial this morning and will forever apply my foundation in this way, it looks great!

I also tried this yesterday and it was pretty darn tasty.

Dear weekend, yay! I'm glad you're here (duh).

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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Coming Together

OMG, yall, this week has been a week of tackling projects we've been putting off for a year now because they are tedious and we can totally function without them but, everything just looks soooo much better now that they are done! When I say we, I really mean Matt is the one doing the work this week because when it comes to measuring, cutting crown molding, a stair handrail, and base boards then installing them, I can't say that I'm too much help!

Our cute little house has been a work in progress ever since we bought it over a year ago. We are so close to completing all of the projects we wrote out on our list of projects to do. The hard part is that we've been going full force for so long I'm feeling pretty much lazy and unmotivated to go the last little bit to finish
everything up!

Here are the stairs that we took a year now to get around to finishing up (we still have some painting to do as you can see).

We've lived with a big hole in the side of the stairs and no handrail because while those things are nice to have, they aren't necessary or high up on our priority list. So, this little picture of our stairs with a handrail may not look all that impressive or like it took us that long to complete but dang, it was tedious and not a fun project. I'm so happy it's finally done!

Hopefully I'll have more exciting projects to reveal soon!


Designer Whey Protein Powder


 I don't know about you but I have a sweet tooth for sure, after dinner I neeeeed dessert (or so my brain thinks). Lately I've been mixing up a chocolate Designer Whey shake for my dessert or having one for breakfast and it tastes really good!

Usually I blend a scoop of powder, a handful of spinach and carrots and milk together. I've also tried adding banana which is good. I've also substituted the milk with water. The milk def tastes better than water but water isn't bad.

I've also tried the chocolate whey powder with just water, its ok but I don't love it. I've also mixed it with just milk and it was really good! It's super chocolatey and tastes great.

My favorite way to eat it is probably a scoop of power, a few ice cubes, a handful of spinach, and 8 oz of milk blended together in the blender. This is super chocolatey and I feel like I'm being extra healthy by adding the spinach which you can't taste at all.

I found out about this protein powder via other blogs and when I saw it at Trader Joe's I thought I'd give it a try. If you need a tasty protein powder to try out I'm a fan of this one and recommend the chocolate flavor!



Over the weekend I did alot of hot chocolate drinking out of my new awesome Airstream mug, bacon/pancake eating, and reading my Kindle Matt got me for Christmas! It was a lovely slightly lazy weekend. I did manage to make the snazzy case you see pictured below for my kindle complete with cardboard sides to keep it safe! (sooo, I wasn't completely lazy.)

I also enjoyed Downtown Abby last night for 2 hours and plan on enjoying the Bachelor tonight!! I hope you had a good weekend and your Monday is good too!


Friday's Letters

Hello Hello Friday, it totally feels like Wednesday with this short work week. I love how the weekend snuck up on me.

I'm linking up for Friday's Letters!

Dear Cold Snowy Winter, I like you so much better when there is snow!!! Keep the snow coming or warm up to 70 degrees.
Snowy Airstream in the backyard
Dear animals, awwww yall are so cute and I miss you!
Bella looking happy
Francis getting one of her favorite snacks! She's willing to do anything for a Temptations cat treat.
Bella wondering how Frances got into that awesome box
Dear Blogilates, OMG I love these workouts. They are so fun/funny and I've been doing them everyday since Wednesday. If you want to try it out yourself I highly recommend it, here's the link!

Happy weekend everyone, see you next week!


I Need a Personal Photographer

As a blogger it would be great to have a personal photographer following me around taking cute photos of me at all times. I would also love a personal hairstylist to make my hair look rad everyday.

Speaking of photos, check out these lovely family photos we had taken over Christmas-

So cute right?
Last night I tried out one of our Christmas gifts, an induction cook top! It's for the Airstream and it works so great! The induction cook top only heats the pan and it heats it immediately, like within a minute! I made stirfry and it cooked in about half the time it usually does on our stove top. The induction top makes a weird sound like something you'd hear in outer space but other than that it's super cool!

Lastly, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be able to do the splits again! It has probably been 4 years since I last did the splits and I want to be able to do them again! Here's where I am now, I got a few inches to go!


Happy New Year!

Today is the day I get back to normal life, Matt and I have been in Texas for over a week and yes, we brought the Airstream with us!! Thanks to everyone who came out to see it! We had lots of visitors and got to show off our work which was fun for us.

The most people ever in our Airstream at one time!

We woke up on New Years Day in Arkansas at an awesome RV park! We traveled from Texas to Arkansas on New Years Eve and the rest of the way to KC on New Years Day!

On our drive we went from cold to even colder with snow! Thanks to my brother for this awesome Patagonia jacket, it's so warm! I've always wanted a jacket like the one pictured below! It makes freezing temperatures totally no problem.


On our New Year's Day drive, we stopped at a gas station and when I first walked by the hot dog roller on my way to the bathroom I thought, those look pretty good, I kind of want one. When I came out of the bathroom and passed back by the hot dog roller I saw an employee taking hot dogs straight out of a cardboard box with her hands and just putting them on the roller. That was when I decided the hot dogs did not look good.

When we got back home we parked our Airstream in the snowy wonderland of our yard!


I definitely feel like I've been away from normal life and work for a long time and I'm ready get back to it! I'm also ready to bust out the cute new workout clothes I got for Christmas and start doing lots of workout videos to work off all the food I ate over the holiday. I mean, I ate like each meal was my last and it was great but it's time to get firm again.

Happy New Year! 2013, let's do this thang.