Just Like That, It's Friday Again!

Can I just say, I love snow and even though I love snow, I love warm weather better. We've had two snow storms this week and it's pretty and all but, I'm ready for warm weather where I can enjoy being outside.

Ok enough complaining about the weather! I have 5 things that have made this week great-

Half off Shatto Chocolate Milk. This milk is locally made, delicious and $4. When it's about to reach it's best if sold by date, the grocery store sells it for half price! This sort of thing is very exciting for Matt and I and we will drink this whole thing by tomorrow night.

 photo shatto_zps86c3ffb5.jpg
I've been using some new make-up that I really like. I was using a cetaphil moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning and tried putting my usual Ulta foundation on top then putting powder over that but, the cetaphil was way too greasy and I think the Ulta foundation was clogging my pores. So, I'm now using Neutrogena tinted moisturizer which has SPF 30 and provides a nice medium coverage. Over that I use Neutrogena healthy skin powder which has SPF 20. I like the way they both feel on my skin and it looks smooth and pretty. I also feel like I'm providing lots of good protection with both products having SPF.
 photo moisturizer_zps75a243b6.jpg
 photo powder_zpsf40ec37f.jpg
This week was a weird week because it was spring break for the schools in our community. Lots of people took work off in my office for Spring Break so the office was way quieter than usual.

I've been reading Still Lolo this week and whoa, what a story. I'm intrigued by this book because Lauren is from Dallas and I know of alot of the people/places she talks about in the book. She's also close to my age so the things she writes about are interesting to me. The book is about her and her families life. A few years ago Lauren walked into a spinning propeller and the book tells you all about that and her recovery process. I'm almost done with it but not quite!

Lastly, Brussels Sprouts. I haven't eaten them until this year and I'm glad I finally discovered them! I mean, they aren't better than a cupcake or anything but for a healthy veggie, they are really good! Here's how I like to cook them.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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Happy First Day Of Spring!

It looks like spring here (it's sunny!) and there is that certain smell of spring (do you know what I mean) but the day started off at 25 degrees. I know it won't be long though until these cold days turn warmer and I'm looking forward to that!

Lately I've been forgetting/have had no desire to eat veggies and thinking there really aren't any veggies out there that I want to eat anyway. Last night I remedied that and made asparagus, Brussels Sprouts and a sliced baked potato for dinner. There are veggies I like after all and I sure love the feeling of eating a good meal. My body appreciates it.

 photo photo_zps9924a2d4.jpg

So, happy spring, we've almost made it through the cold weather! I still can't believe March (or January or February for that matter) have flown by so fast. Where is the slow motion button on life?


Travel Tuesday- The North East!

I've traveled to the North East/ New England twice in the last two years. It's an amazing place because of it's charm, history, food and it's also beautiful. The first time I experienced the North East was on a ski trip to Killington, Vermont, a day in Maine, along with a short stay in New Hampshire during the maple syrup season (Matt and I went to a sugar house one night and the people making maple syrup taught us about the process. They had day jobs but during late March/early April they made Maple Syrup at night.)

 photo 100_4174_zps85061273.jpg
 photo 100_4224_zpsba3779e1.jpg
 photo 100_4203_zpsf83ac5c9.jpg
 photo 100_4131_zps903dd26b.jpg
The second time I went to the North East was in the summer to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Both trips were both full of good food! I'm talking lobster, clams, fish mmmm. I had never had lobster before going on my first trip but once I tried it, I knew why it was such a big deal.

 photo photo2-5_zps48f2a234.jpg
 photo photo1-5_zps975c54f7.jpg
 photo photo3-5_zps7ce50f12.jpg

I also love being so close to the ocean.The sight of light houses and sailboats are beautiful to me and I hope that I'll live near the sea one day full time.

 photo IMG_9081_zpsdb569eb5.jpg
 photo photo4-4_zps2fd55780.jpg
 photo 100_4284_zpse320efd1.jpg

Another great thing about New England are the amazing homes and buildings. I'm so fascinated when I see buildings that are 200+ years old and can't believe they're still standing. I can't help thinking about all the change that's happened around those homes and buildings and they are still there to remind us of the past when America was just starting out.
 photo IMG_9150_zpsce19fd69.jpg

Lastly, I've had great experiences with the people in New England. I've come across so many nice people and my favorite part is when I talk and they ask me where I'm from because I sure have an accent. I proudly tell them I'm from Texas and they act all impressed, Texas has a way of doing that.

I'd go back again that's for sure. Another thing I think is awesome about New England is the train system and that so many places are within a couple of hours of each other. Happy Travel Tuesday!

Helene in Between


Weekend Happenings

Can you believe it's already Monday again? I can't. This weekend flew by! We had a pretty low-key weekend.

Side Note: Since spring is pretty much here, I just listed a super cute coat on ebay today, click here to check it out! See, isn't it cute? It's from Anthro so obvi it's cute.

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Back to the weekend, I used our Weber Q grill for the first time. I grilled salmon Friday night and burgers Sunday night.

We did yard work on Saturday. I like yardwork and Saturday was particularly fun because we also helped out our neighbors with their yard and they ordered pizza (and shared it with us!) for helping.

I also got lost in The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. She's my second favorite author and I've been wanting to read this book since it came out several months ago.
 photo 51vG7xTXHCL_BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_AA300_SH20_OU01__zpse87e3840.jpg
The Secret Keeper is a page turner and I couldn't stop reading it until I learned what the big secret was. That's how all of Kate Morton's books are. There is some giant mystery and the whole book is about feeding you tiny clues throughout until finally at the end the whole mystery is untangled.

This weekend was good for reading because it was cold and drizzly. Friday was 70 and a huge tease for spring weather but, we're back to cold temps now which means me in my trusty fleece and wool socks. Thanks for keeping me warm!

This week, I'm determined to eat mostly healthy and get in my HIIT and toning workouts. Since the Bachelor is over and I won't be sucked into the show for 2 hours tonight, I will most def have time to work out today. I wish my friends (or my husband) and I could just get together everyday and workout because it would be much easier than working out by myself! Whenever I suggest this though, neither Matt nor my friends take me up on the offer. Come on y'all!!!

It's also spring break for the schools around here so lots of people in my office are taking time off this week which will be nice to have the office to myself or at least more quite than usual. Someone please tell me why we don't have spring break in the real world??? I think we'd all be alot more productive and happy if we did don't you agree?

Also, you can clearly see from this weekend recap, that I could be classified as a boring person this weekend. My twin brother who lives in DC right now told me he was invited to a party Saturday night that didn't start until midnight. My first thought was wow, that's too late to be starting a party. That would mean getting home at what? 2am at the earliest? I can't imagine.


High Five for Friday!!

Whoa whoa whoa what a nice day we have going on here. The temp is lovely and I can't wait to spend time outside today. If I had to name 5 things that are making my week awesome, these would have to be them-

1. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Oh mah gaw I can't get enough, ever.

2. Sleeping in the Airstream instead of in the house! It's just so fun to go in the backyard at night, get in the Airstream and sleep on our comfy bed out there instead of being boring and sleeping in our normal bed.

3. My family, yall are all great!

4. This book and the man that wrote it. I've learned so much from his books and sermons.

5. Sighting wild life in my own yard! I love animals and have seen a bunny, a chipmunk and a woodpecker this week. I'm always amazed by seeing these animals.

We don't have any big plans for the weekend, how about you? Whatever you're doing have a great weekend!

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If you've been reading blogs today then you know all about google reader's impending end date coming up this summer. I've had a bloglovin account for a while now but never used it because of google reader. Today I imported all the blogs I read over to my bloglovin account and I really think I'm going to like the switch. It looks a little prettier than google reader and it's way easier to follow/unfollow blogs. I also like categorizing blogs. I don't like the randomly placed ads everywhere. I wonder if bloglovin is loving today because there are so many people using their site all of the sudden??

If you haven't gotten it all figured out by now, here's a link (click here) to the tutorial I used to get all my GR blogs over to bloglovin (BTW this girl used to work at the same place I do but, she became such a successful blogger that she blogs full time now! How cool.)

If you want to follow me on bloglovin here's my link (click here)!

Tonight Matt and I are eating Taquitos, chips and salsa with queso and guac for dinner! See you tomorrow, yeahhh for Friday!


Hello Wednesday

Hello! I've been a little quiet on the blog this week because really there's not too much happening around here at the moment! I could tell you about the Orange Chicken I tried from Trader Joe's last night (you should get it if you like orange chicken, omg so good!), or I could tell you about my HIIT workout I did yesterday and thought my heart would explode but, those aren't super exciting.

I will say that I'm feeling ready for some adventure and travel. I've been adding to my Pinterest Board "Places to See" a lot lately and want to go places such as-

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Just to name a few!

Besides wanting to go to these beautiful places and having a pretty normal week, I must say I love that we've Sprung Forward and the sun is out until around 8pm. I feel so much more alive!

Lastly, there is a comet right now that is visible from earth, did you know that? My husband and I drove to a hilltop last night and sat in the car with our binoculars (we both have our own pair) to look for it. It was a sight I'm sure.

Happy Wednesday!



Today I'm linking up for High Five for Friday to tell you five things that are making my week-

1. Warmer weather and a hint of spring! I noticed a bulb starting to grow by our front door! How did it do that when a week ago it was buried under 2 feet of snow?

 photo bulb_zpsb6b6a0d1.jpg

2. Going out to Cheesecake Factory with my husband!! I wore heels and curled my hair for the event too! The great thing about Cheesecake Factory with Matt is that he likes cheese cake but not like I do. He lets me choose what flavor to get then lets me it the whole thing which, I would share if he wanted but I'm not going to pressure him into it or anything if he wants me to have it.
 photo c_zpsab1e2784.jpg

3. Our beautiful Airstream!
 photo a_zps71ea87e5.jpg

4. Our super cute and clean house!
 photo h_zpsd52380a2.jpg

5. Hanging out with our awesome neighbors drinking wine and playing with their dog while the husbands play Halo together. (Video games are funny to me and I'm amazed how the guys get completely sucked in and don't hear anything happening outside of their game.)

Happy Friday! Does it feel like spring where you are? Do you have any big weekend plans?


I Deem Our House Finished!

I am so exhausted this Monday morning because Matt and I worked super hard this weekend to get our house finished!! We've been working non-stop since we bought it in October 2011 to make it beautiful and I'm so ready to be done with projects for a little bit!

This weekend we grouted the new tile in the bathroom, put in cute river rocks for the shower floor and grouted that, added a toilet, vanity, shower head and nob, got new carpet in the back bedroom, cleaned the whoooooole house (it was so dusty!) and just organized the house to make it look awesome. It was non-stop work but now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor! If we hadn't set a deadline for finishing yesterday the work would have just lingered on so, I'm glad it's done! I want to post lots of good photos but haven't had time to take any great ones yet so here is just a sneak peak for now.

 photo photo2-5_zps30b14d02.jpg
Some Bathroom and Back room pics
 photo photo1-5_zps39ac6803.jpg
Matt working on the shower floor!

I hope you had a good weekend. See you tomorrow!

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