Tahoe Tuesday!

Happy Tahoe Tuesday and Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited for my first holiday season, I hear it's a great time!

In preparation for all of the fun coming up in my life, I've made sure to take plenty of time to lounge around.
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-5_zps30d8bfd4.jpg
But, I still make lots of time to play in my box-
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-6_zps97658333.jpg
Also, I love drinking from the faucet! The water is just so much better straight from the source.
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-7_zps9394659a.jpg
I hope you have a great week!
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-4_zpsb68441a0.jpg
And I'll see yall next week!
 photo TahoeTuesday1126-2_zps5bcc7961.jpg


Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week!! I'm excited to make a French Silk Pie and Kahlua Dip for Thanksgiving Day! This is my favorite time of year and I'm so glad it's here again!

I've almost got all my Christmas shopping done and I even hung some Christmas decor this weekend.

The days have been sunny and in the 60's here lately and it's so nice!
 photo photo_zpsf521698c.jpg
I hope you have a great week leading up to Thanksgiving where ever you are!


Wine Tasting Is Always Fun

 photo WineTastingwMichael-1_zpsb6a9e2cb.jpg
Michael and I being classy wine tasters, unlike the guy in the background!
 photo WineTastingwMichael-3_zpsd5e7f28a.jpg
Korbel is my fav winery
 photo WineTastingwMichael-2_zpsd4fc260f.jpg
Mike and I among the grapes
 photo WineTastingwMichael-4_zpsf3bf02bb.jpg
How pretty is this?
 photo WineTastingwMichael-5_zps90479197.jpg
 photo WineTastingwMichael-6_zpsab002185.jpg
You never know what awesome finds the gift shop will have. Matt looks good in this newspaper boy hat!
 photo Alcatraz-11_zps4822d9ff.jpg


If I Had a Bajillion Dollars I'd Live in Carmel

Hello and happy Wednesday! Do you ever ponder what you'd spend your money on if you had a big bank roll? For me, if I had a ton of money I'd probably want to buy a house in Carmel California and go surfing on the beach everyday.

 photo Carmel-2_zps051562bd.jpg
 photo Carmel-1_zps62ce0718.jpg
There are homes in Carmel with this very view!
Obviously Carmel is awesome because it's right on a big beach but, another great thing about Carmel is the rows of cute/beautiful homes and shops!

 photo Carmel-4_zps5532ecfb.jpg
 photo Carmel-6_zps299e08d1.jpg

Even though I may not live in this super cute neighborhood I can still visit and will continue to do so as much as I can!

 photo Carmel-3_zps805fa529.jpg
 photo Carmel-5_zpsad706283.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday!

Hello everyone, welcome back to Tahoe Tuesday.

 photo photo1_zpse1e10416.jpg

Would you believe that Matt and Michelle gave me a bath this week? Well they did and I didn't like it. Thankfully they blow dried my fur after the bath and I look fantastic but I'm not a fan of the bath.

 photo photo3_zpsbefb7265.jpg
Michelle has been giving me treats this week which I love! She keeps making me sit before I get to eat my treat but that's fine as long as she gives it to me.

Other than the bath and the treats this week has been pretty normal for me!

 photo photo2_zps12a431c4.jpg
Here I am standing on my back legs in my box. It's a cute thing I do to get attention and obviously so I can see out of the box! photo photo4_zps4934f13a.jpg

See you next week!


I Love the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is my favorite place to hang out in San Fran! It's surrounded by so much excitement. From the bridge you see the city, the ocean, the bay, the headlands and tons of people! I love that there's a huge sidewalk for pedestrians and bikers. Once on either side of the bridge the views of the bridge are stunning and different each time I see it! What do you think? Have you been to the Golden Gate Bridge?
 photo GoldenGateBridgewMichael-2_zpsfdb4f9e9.jpg
 photo GoldenGateBridgewMichael-1_zpsa619de9b.jpg
 photo GoldenGateBridgewMichael-3_zps1f877fda.jpg


6 Months of Living Small! Why We Do It

For over six months Matt and have I have lived in a little less than 150 sq ft! I can't believe it! After enjoying life in such a small home sweet home I have no complaints. Our small space seems perfectly normal and like enough space for Matt and I plus our kitty!

One great reason we love living in a small space is that it's refreshingly very manageable. We spend a lot less time on maintenance and cleaning and a lot more time on fun things like travel (we've been to 11 National Parks in 6 months!), bike rides, hikes, pool time, yoga classes, making grilled pizza, movie watching, and whatnot. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn't have a large house to maintain? I have to say it's pretty nice.

Living in a small space is less expensive. We don’t have room to buy many extras plus we don't have to spend money on things like furniture, any lawn supplies, dishes, decorations etc.

Because we don’t have room for lots of extra things we had to get rid of many of the extras in our cupboards from our house when we decided to live smaller. The process of downsizing all of our stuff was difficult. There were tons of clothes I got rid of and many other things I’d collected over the years. Now that I’ve gotten rid of everything but my absolute favorite things, I don’t miss any of the stuff I used to have. Do you know how nice it feels to only have stuff that is your absolute favorite and rid yourself of the extras? Stuff is fun to buy and collect over the years but it gets out of hand so quickly!

Another perk of our living space being small is that when we were renovating our little home on wheels, we could buy the nicest of everything because we only needed a little bit. When you have to buy a whole house worth of flooring it gets expensive but when you only need a little you can splurge for something nicer.

There is great freedom in having a nice small living space. I have everything I need and want such as TV, internet, a couch to lounge on, a bathroom, a comfy bed, a kitchen, and heating and A/C.

Home is an important place that needs to be comfy and an oasis to return to each night! For us our home is just smaller than most and it’s nice to rid our selves of extra space and things in our home so we can gain more time and save more money in our everyday life!


Our Bucket List

Arches National Park
Zion National Park
Catch a Trout 
Go Tubing in a river
Eat at a Buffet in Vegas
Get a Free Drink in Vegas
Win over $100 in Vegas!
See Sequoia Trees
Yosemite National Park
See the Milky Way
See The Northern Lights
Visit a Farmers Market this summer
Pick fruit from an orchard
Go to a winery and taste wine
Swim in the Pacific
Surf in the Pacific
Go sailing in a sailboat
Eat a fish that I catch and clean myself!
Visit an organic farm
See a bear  We've seen bears in Sequoia NP, one in Yosemite NP, one in Yellowstone NP, and two in Glacier NP!
See a moose We saw a moose in Idaho, south of Sandpoint in the middle of the day on the side of a highway! He was eating in a huge marsh.
Read the entire Bible
Go to Yellowstone!
Go to Glacier National Park!
Ride my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
Do some traveling in Canada
Learn to play pickleball 
Find Korbel Natural in a store! (this is our favorite champagne we sampled in wine country)
See Big Bend National Park
Float the Rio Grande  It was more of a battle against the wind but we did it!
See a Celebrity in SOCAL We saw Bruce Jenner in Beverly Hills! We also saw Tim Allen!
See Carlsbad Caverns
Acadia National Park
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA 
Eat Lobster in the North East (the more the better!)

What else should be on our bucket list?

Alcatraz Visit

 photo Alcatraz-04_zps0de2a42b.jpg

Last week my brother came to visit and we went all out on exploring the bay area and wine country.

 photo Alcatraz-14_zpsb42b8f19.jpg

One of my favorite activities we did was visit Alcatraz (which I keep wanting to call Azkaban, oh Harry Potter how you've changed the world). I didn't think Alcatraz could be all that neat but I'd say it's a must do if you visit San Francisco.

 photo Alcatraz-13_zps9455d14c.jpg

We rode out about a mile the island and were free to walk around the whole place for as long as we wanted (you just have to make sure you make it back on one of the boats).

 photo Alcatraz-01_zps4d28c7fc.jpg
 photo Alcatraz-12_zps552945e5.jpg

There's a audio tour that takes you through the prison cells narrated by some former prisoners and employees that worked on the island. The stories the narrators tell are really interesting. I think the most interesting thing I learned was that the prisoners could see and hear normal happy life happening in San Francisco but they were trapped on Alcatraz. They were so close to a happy bustling city but couldn't participate.

 photo Alcatraz-07_zps8a20d09c.jpg

Another interesting thing I learned was in the 1960's a group of Native Americans took over Alcatraz for a year to have their own community. The government didn't like that but the island was not used as a prison anymore. Eventually the army came in a moved them out.

 photo Alcatraz-06_zpsc8ba54c7.jpg

If you get a chance to visit Alcatraz it's a great tour and takes you back in history! Also, it reminded me that I don't want to go to prison, ever!

 photo Alcatraz-08_zps859fd22e.jpg
 photo Alcatraz-10_zpsdc18ac37.jpg
This was where the employees lived and there was a bowling ally too! It burned down when the Indians were occupying the island. Conspiracy theorists say the government burned it down to get the Indians off the island.
 photo Alcatraz-09_zpsfede04fe.jpg
A prisoner escaped from his cell by chiseling out where the airduct came into his cell!
 photo Alcatraz-02_zps2d951a69.jpg
Prisoners got to go outside on the weekends for recreation.
 photo Alcatraz-03_zps6bef8479.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

Hey everybody!!!
 photo TahoeTuesday1112-1_zpseff2e2ce.jpg
Yes, I got in here by myself!

Yesterday I became OBSESSED with my awesome new toy. I can't stop playing with it. If you don't have one yet you should totally get one, you'll never be bored again!

 photo TahoeTuesday1112-3_zps456c0265.jpg
The reason I got this new toy is because I had to get my rabies and booster shot yesterday! I was tough and didn't complain. The vet thinks I'm so cute that she called in some of her friends to see me.

As much as I love my new toy I still like to make everyday items my toys. Yesterday I enjoyed jumping in and out of Michelle's jeans that she left on the floor.
 photo TahoeTuesday1112-4_zps98154b0b.jpg

As usual, I like to play hard and sleep hard.

 photo TahoeTuesday1112-2_zps16d6b5e0.jpg

I'm off to spin the ball around my circle some more. See you next week!



Last week I was having a great time showing my brother around the Bay Area and felt like I went on a little vacation myself! I have lots of photos to share this week on the blog but tonight the internet is just not cooperating enough for me to upload photos.

Please check back later this week for some pretty fall photos of wine country and amazing Golden Gate Bridge!


Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi Everyone! How's your Tuesday?
 photo TahoeTuesday115-2_zps4018821c.jpg
I got to meet a new person this week and we're already great friends! Michelle's brother Michael is visiting and he's sleeping on our front couch. It's fun to have another person to climb on and play with.

Because Michael is here Michelle and Matt have been out showing him all over the place so, I had to spend my first night by myself this week. I was so glad when everyone came back home because I'm the kind of cat that loves an audience while I'm showing off.

Anyway, I discovered that I can jump on the kitchen counter this week! I also discovered how fun it is to play with the water coming out of the faucet!

Besides water I've been playing in my box a lot this week! I love to jump in and out over and over again.
 photo TahoeTuesday115-4_zps316af8dd.jpg
After jumping in and out of my box and getting my photo taken a lot I start to get really sleepy and need to take a nap.
 photo TahoeTuesday115-3_zps3deb8123.jpg
This is me taking a nice nap on Michelle on halloween. She was dressed as a hippie so she could get Chipotle for dinner!
 photo TahoeTuesday115-1_zps08b53749.jpg

See you all next week!