Tahoe is our Exotic Shorthair Cat! The Exotic Shorthair is a type of cat breed often referred to as the "lazy man's Persian".  Exotics are a mix of The Persian cat and The American Shorthair cat which gives the Exotic the look of the Persian without the long hair that is high maintenance.

The personality of the Exotic is good for us as RVers because he is affectionate, gentle, quiet and lazy most of the time. As an RVer, Tahoe stays inside enjoying long naps by the window. He will get up and play for about 10 minutes really hard twice a day but the rest of the time he is pretty mellow (he's still a kitten so he will not always have those huge bursts of play time). Tahoe does not meow very much, only when he is put in his kitty carrier for too long and doesn't appreciate it or when he wants to jump on the kitchen counter and I don't let him.

Tahoe likes to be where Matt and I are and likes to sit in our lap, lets us carry him around, pet him and brush him. He is one of the friendliest cats I've owned. He is also pretty good with strangers. There are some times when he's not in the mood to meet new people but most of the time it doesn't bother him.
We got Tahoe in Bellingham, Washington in October 2013. He brings us so much joy and we love him! He is a good boy and a great companion.

There are lots of pictures of Tahoe on this blog, here is a list of posts if you want more photos of this cute guy!

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