Rainy Lazy Days

We're currently in the Northwest where it's raining, a lot (not surprising)! It's beautiful and every plant is a stunning shade of bright green. There's also beautiful fog and clouds rolling through the mountains and across everything really. The dark rainy days remind me of the movie Twilight (The movies were filmed around Oregon and Washington). These rainy days also make me want to sit inside with my computer, a good movie or a good book all day!

I did accomplish some crafting despite my laziness over the weekend. I bought this cross stitch iphone case at Walmart and finished it this weekend! I love the look of cross stitch and needle point!

If you buy one, beware, the case doesn't fit the phone very well. Maybe my stitches were too tight or something but it the whole case ended up being too large for the phone and the back where all my cross stitching is turned out really bubbled. To fix the problem I cut the sides off the cross stitch case and applied epoxy to my old phone case. Then I stuck the new cross stitch part to the old phone case. It works but I wish the case fit better without having to improvise.

It should continue raining this week but we will try not to be too lazy even though the weather encourages laziness. We are planning to go to North Cascades National Park, another national park I didn't know existed until this trip!


San Juan Island and Friday Harbor

We took a lovely ferryboat ride over to San Juan Island to enjoy some seafood, the cute island on San Juan, and the Whale Museum. We searched hard for whales while on the Ferry but didn't see any! I did see two seals though! They are just so cute!

Here are the photos from our rainy day to San Juan!

 photo SanJuanIsland-10_zps27e31952.jpg
That's the Ferry!
 photo SanJuanIsland-06_zpsf0dd7e28.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-05_zps2b2adf8b.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-04_zpsb69d9025.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-09_zpsf0520619.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-08_zpsa0ec17fc.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-07_zps92296bd3.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-03_zpse4fd0995.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-02_zps2d401699.jpg
 photo SanJuanIsland-01_zps75b956f4.jpg
Me on the Ferry.


We Love Houseboats

While in Seattle, Matt and I rented a Kayak for an afternoon to paddle around Lake Union. It was so fun to get up close and personal with the amazing houseboats (and the awesome yachts and other boats around the lake.)

Here are some photos from our day of Kayaking on Lake Union! (I'm glad we rented a double kayak because I didn't have to paddle too much, thanks Matt:)!)
 photo Kayaking-11_zps2f91a2b2.jpg
 photo Kayaking-12_zps4023f369.jpg
 photo Kayaking-13_zps8a36180e.jpg
 photo Kayaking-14_zps989e5288.jpg
 photo Kayaking-10_zps9a149920.jpg
 photo Kayaking-09_zpsc1694c8c.jpg
 photo Kayaking-08_zps93d887e3.jpg
 photo Kayaking-07_zps27d4773f.jpg
 photo Kayaking-06_zpsed4f8ac1.jpg
 photo Kayaking-05_zps1f09fcd5.jpg
 photo Kayaking-04_zps17d11ce4.jpg
 photo Kayaking-03_zps82d2285b.jpg
 photo Kayaking-02_zpscada5257.jpg
 photo Kayaking-01_zpsc5c98682.jpg



Seattle, what a beautiful city surrounded by water!! Here are some photos from our trip to the city of Seattle!
 photo Seattle-01_zps99391dbd.jpg
What a view! (From Kerry Park.)
 photo Seattle-16_zpsda557728.jpg
 photo Seattle-15_zps3a95a3d9.jpg
 photo Seattle-05_zpsdc2a2422.jpg
The famous Pike Place Market
 photo Seattle-07_zpscca3e1ab.jpg
OMG these donuts were bomb,com!!! I want to buy a donut maker now.
 photo Seattle-06_zpsc331cb35.jpg
I love tiny donuts!
 photo Seattle-03_zpsfb906a0b.jpg
Fish! and Crab Legs!
 photo Seattle-13_zpsb8fe29c4.jpg
Glass maker at work.
 photo Seattle-14_zps8b599e6a.jpg
Look what he made!
 photo Seattle-10_zpseaec880d.jpg
Walking on an old Railroad.

 photo Seattle-09_zpsca5af8f3.jpg

 photo Seattle-08_zps4379a938.jpg
Hey look! REI was born here!


Airstream Before and After Photos

It's crazy for me to look back on how our Airstream looked when we bought it in 2011. Now that we've remodeled the Airstream and have lived in it, it feels like it's been cute and cozy all along. Here are some Now and then photos for you to see how far this Airstream has come!
 photo OurAirstream-ExteriorNew_zps54cba12b.jpg
The Airstream Now
 photo OurAirstream-ExteriorOld_zps3beae469.jpg
The Airstream the day we bought it!
 photo OurAirstream-Front-Old_zpseef23248.png
The Airstream couch before.
 photo OurAirstream-Front-New_zps0c4bfe38.jpg
The Airstream couch now!
 photo OurAirstream-Back-Original_zpsc6ae1f0b.png
The Airstream kitchen then.
 photo OurAirstream-Back-New_zps43e78bd5.jpg
The Airstream kitchen now!
 photo OurAirstream-Emblems_zpsed6cb1fa.png
The emblem before and after.
 photo OurAirstream-Back-Gutted_zps7f92b8c2.jpg
The Airstream under construction. This time last year this is what it looked like!


We Saw a Moose!

We've been searching for the elusive moose since we arrived in Yellowstone back in mid August. We never saw one in Wyoming or Montana but finally saw one in Idaho!

It was in the middle of a hot day south of the city of Sandpoint in a huge marsh on the side of a highway. Not the place I would expect to see one!
 photo IMG_5665_zps0991ea33.jpg
See that brown spot in the distance? That's the moose!
 photo IMG_5671_zps49acbfb5.png
Not the best photo but you can tell it's a moose!


Dogs and RVs!

 photo pomrv_zps5e6bd959.jpg
Look at that little Pomeranian!
 photo IMG_5705_zps2e5389f7.jpg
We love doggie visitors!
 photo IMG_5707_zpsdb1660fe.jpg
This pup made herself right at home
 photo IMG_3804_zps38e8d272.jpg
Keeping the lookout
 photo IMG_5118_zps8bd6727d.jpg
Just waiting for her owners.