Our Best Yellowstone Wildlife Photos

 photo Yellowstone30_zps3cd92782.jpg
This was taken out of the car window, he was close!
 photo Yellowstone14_zps3a4903fb.jpg
Look! It's a bear!
 photo Yellowstone13_zps32a1bad0.jpg
The bear enjoyed his walk on the beach. This was taken in Grant Village.
 photo Yellowstone12_zpsdec50779.jpg
This buffalo was following the rules of the road
 photo Yellowstone09_zps18efef4b.jpg
Yes, that's the buffalo's tongue in it's nose
 photo Yellowstone07_zpsc9c5cd8d.jpg
This must be the most delicious plant ever!!
 photo Yellowstone05_zps74b05b68.jpg

 photo Yellowstone01_zps654e3293.jpg
What a handsom Elk


Yellowstone Bison and Beauty

We came across a buffalo herd crossing the road this week. It's amazing to see so many in one place at a time!
 photo IMG_3952_zpsf181591c.jpg
 photo IMG_3951_zps96d56bae.jpg
We've seen alot of buffalo on their own away from the herd as well.
 photo IMG_3919_zpsf3625c45.jpg
Besides bison, we've seen tons of beauty all around the park!
 photo IMG_5312_zps8099a845.jpg
 photo IMG_3935_zpsc3aa6864.jpg
 photo IMG_3938_zps20c18ab4.jpg
 photo IMG_3956_zps9b51984e.jpg
This is a petrified tree, possibly a Redwood from when the volcano that sits under Yellowstone last erupted.


A Trip to the Tetons

Just south of Yellowstone is Grand Teton National Park. We took a day trip down to check out the young rugged mountains, view the beautiful lakes and walk around the swanky town of Jackson!

Here are the photos from our adventure in the Tetons-
 photo GrandTeton16_zpsea7d216c.jpg
The clouds are super low
 photo GrandTeton15_zpsf366d5db.jpg
The beautiful antler arch
 photo GrandTeton13_zps4f1d259d.jpg
So many antlers
 photo GrandTeton12_zps16755233.jpg
Ski slopes in the summer, again the clouds are doing some crazy things!
 photo GrandTeton11_zps29333361.jpg
The beautiful Snake River
 photo GrandTeton10_zps142f5e56.jpg
The beautiful mountains
 photo GrandTeton09_zps6425fd07.jpg
Coyote off in the field
 photo GrandTeton08_zpsbbe5fe7c.jpg
Prong horns crossing the road
 photo GrandTeton07_zps53a1504b.jpg
What a view those settlers would have had
 photo GrandTeton01_zps0b738ea1.jpg
 photo GrandTeton05_zpsaa769af9.jpg

This area of the USA feels like a wonderfully wild wilderness still. I can't explain the feeling I get while surrounded by so much natural beauty. I would not mind visiting this area of our great country many more times in the future.


Sunrise to Sunset

There aren't many days in my life where I see the sun rise and set in the same day but this past week I did. I'd say it was well worth getting up early and being outside all day long.
 photo IMG_3901_zps8a814761.jpg
A foggy and beautiful sunrise near Hayden Valley in Yellowstone
 photo IMG_3909_zps060acef4.jpg
In Hayden Valley early morning listening to the wolves howl
 photo IMG_3967_zps251fbff1.jpg
Setting Sun
 photo IMG_3966_zps685f2a43.jpg
Elk near Madison as the sun is going down for the day
 photo IMG_3962_zps0b9f86f9.jpg
The sun setting near Madison


Boiling River- Yellowstone

One of my favorite things we've done on our trip to Yellowstone so far is swim in the Boiling River.

The Gardner River is cold like most rivers around these parts but there is a section of the river where a hot spring flows into the cold water mixing the perfect temperature for enjoyment.
 photo IMG_5344_zpsb9fe70b6.jpg
This is where the hot water comes out of the ground and flows to the Gardiner River
This is a semi well known area but it's not advertised or else the place would be way more busy I would think. If you drive north of Mammoth toward the North Entrance of the park you will come to a pullout labeled 45th Parallel and Boiling River. There's a 3/4 mile trial up the river to get to the swimming area which has a little pool made of rock to hold the warm water in.

We spent a couple of hours swimming here and I think we could have stayed longer it was so pleasant! The hottest area of the pool is nice like a hot tub and bursts of cold water from the river sweep by often enough to keep you in without getting too hot.
 photo IMG_5331_zpse8f0ae35.jpg
If you sit down river of the hot pool the water is warm and nice for laying in.
 photo IMG_5335_zps1049dbc8.jpg
Swimming in the boiling river is nature at it's finest!


We're In Yellowstone!

We made it to the mecca of National Parks! We've only been here two days and look at all the beauty we've already seen. There is no place else like Yellowstone!
 photo IMG_5241_zps632a0425.jpg
How is this real!?
 photo IMG_3645_zpsb87516da.jpg
Impressive Geyser near Old Faithful
 photo IMG_5248_zps1c82e9d7.jpg
Old Faithful! Look at all the people!
 photo IMG_5257_zps743d4e83.jpg
Old Faithful Inn
 photo IMG_5262_zps29f06815.jpg
The rivers near our campground
 photo IMG_3676_zpsc496e52c.jpg
Bison having some breakfast
 photo IMG_3686_zps82f7ad5f.jpg
Notice the bird on his antler!
 photo IMG_3689_zps604b2e29.jpg
Big Elk
 photo 100_5509_zps8e6613cc.jpg
At Mammoth Hot Springs
 photo IMG_3698_zps5b54bf07.jpg
Beautiful Travertine Terraces
 photo IMG_3699_zps8f3ecf78.jpg
Hot waterfall!
 photo IMG_3704_zpse9eec312.jpg
So pretty
 photo IMG_3706_zpsf0c08c75.jpg
 photo IMG_3709_zps86352238.jpg

 photo IMG_3715_zps7257ebf9.jpg