Heck Yes- Oreo Cake

Y'all, all day Monday I wanted a cupcake. So, when I got home I baked a whole cake! Not just any cake but, an oreo cake. You need to try one of these some time. You will fall in love.

Check that out! I may have more cream filling than I'm suppose to...

My Piece, yes that is a chocolate glaze on top

Matt had ice cream with his piece
That's the way to end a Monday I tell ya.


Weekend Haps

We took our Airstream for a spin this weekend! We went to a giant park Sunday afternoon about 10 miles from our house just to see how the Airstream rides and if everything was secure. Thankfully everything held together beautifully!
I painted that endcap silver this weekend too! Matt installed some flooring!
me hugging the Airstream!
 Want to know what we did on our Airstream outing? We watched an episode of Gold Rush while eating chips and queso! We heated the queso in our microwave and watched the show on our tv all while running off of battery power. It was awesome. After that, we drank a cold Dr. Pepper out of our working fridge! So exciting! Then, I took a nap on our newly made by me couch cushions which was lovely.
At the park, there's the Airstream down below

Before leaving we played a little frisbee. We made it out and back just fine thanks to Matt's fantastic driving skills. I can't wait to go camping for real in about 3 weeks!
napping in the Airstream, the good life

Sunday night we wrapped up our weekend with a fire in our fireplace which was fantastic.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!


Friday's Letters

Dear fireplace, we had our first fire last night! It was cozy and lovely!

Dear Matt, you did a really good job staining our Airstream countertop!! Our Airstream will be a palace on wheels.

Dear everybody, looks like I reached 200 followers and I'm very grateful and excited about that, thank you for following and reading my blog!

Dear beautiful fall leaves, you're beautiful, please stay in the trees because I don't really like raking.

Dear motivation, with the weather being so cold I know it's hard to get off the couch and do stuff but, I need to make 6 pillows this weekend so let's do this thang!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to all!



Come On In!

Come on in our Airstream! It's come a long way! Here's where we are with the interior after this weekend!

Our $15 counter top from the Habitat restore before sanding
Counter top after sanding

Here comes Matt with the counter top!
An idea of what our kitchen will look like


Couch minus the cushions
We did tons of work this weekend but the end is in sight! We'll have this Airstream totally renovated in a week or two we think then it's time to go camping!


Happy Weekend!

I'm kicking my weekend off with making a second seat cushion for our Airstream, making beef stew for dinner and jamming out to this song-

If you haven't listened to Hot Cheetos and Takis yet, do yourself a favor and take a listen, it's fantastic to dance to!

I'll be back Monday with lots of Airstream pics for you, we've got big plans for it this weekend!

Happy Homecoming to all my TCU fam, I wish I was there partying it up with y'all!!


Fall Leaves and the Airstream

 Isn't it beautiful!??

Here's a Halloween version for you thanks to PicMonkey.
 Happy Thursday! I hope your day is fallabulous!


A Story of Two Fails

So far this week I've experienced a bizarre Craigslist exchange and a disappointing meal at Taco Bell. Here's my story of two fails.

Fail number one- I've been seeing those Cantina Bowl commercials for Taco Bell lately. Chef Lorena Garcia said there were huge chunks of avocado in the guacamole. That's why I went to Taco Bell for lunch yesterday to get a Cantina Bowl because she made such a big deal out of the avocado! When I got my bowl, there was no avocado to be seen. I'd been had! I trusted the Taco Bell commercials. Instead of guacamole with huge chunks of avocado there was a green salad dressing type substance that looked like there was maybe a tablespoon of avocado shaken up with some vinaigrette dressing.

The chicken on the cantina bowl was scarce to say the least. There were exactly 3 tiny pieces on the bowl, that's it.

So whatever Taco Bell, I will only eat off your classic menu and not trust the commercials or menu pictures for your cantina bowl ever again. 

Fail number two- I posted a sewing machine on Craigslist for $20. Its a Singer, it works, it's just old. I always post prices higher than what I'm willing to take because people always haggle on Craigslist and I'd be happy to get any amount on the sewing machine between $10 and $20.

I got an email from a lady who wanted to meet me in a study room at the library by my house so she could plug it in. I thought that would be ok but, I'm sooo never doing that again!

She not only wanted to plug it in but test it out. She brought thread and several different fabric swatches. She was really nice and started telling me about her 7 children and how she has spent the last 20 years homeschooling them. The whole time I'm thinking, hooooow did I get myself in this library with this nice woman telling me about herself. All I want to do is sell this sewing machine and get out of here!

Well, 20 minutes later after she tried out her blue jean swatch of fabric in the machine she informed me that she was not interested in the machine after all. She was going to look at another macine later. I was like, for real?? You just took all that time when Craigslist transactions typically take about 1 minute in a parking lot and you don't want it!? I tried to convince her to buy it for $10 but she was not going to take it.

I've learned my lesson, don't meet people at the library to try out your sewing machine, it will only be a 20 minute strange situation where you have to walk back out of the library with your sewing machine and people will look at you like you are weird for carrying it around.

Happy Wednesday to you!


Christmas Wishlist!

Dear Santa, Matt and I got an Airstream as you may know! We are almost ready to go camping in it and there are a few things we'd love to make Airstream life even better!

A Passport America membership! (Since we're about ready to become RVers!)

Smart Wool Socks - Best Socks Ever!!

Electric Induction Cooktop- for making eggs, pancakes, and so much more!

Weber Q - a lightweight aluminum camping grill for all the lovely meals we'll be grilling outdoors

Binoculars for all of the wildlife we will be viewing (we hope!)

TCU Wind Sock or Flag! Matt has a Georgia Tech wind sock so I need to represent my school too!

What's on your wishlist this year?


This Weekend!

Whooa this weekend went by fast! Probably because I spent it doing this!

 I'm working on making cushions for our Airstream couch which currently looks like this!

Also, we found these old table tops at our favorite store, the Habitat Restore-

Matt sanded one over the weekend!

They will be used for our dinner table and kitchen counter tops!

More photos to come as we progress!

How was your weekend?


Friday's Letters

It's Friday again! It looks like it's going to be a cold sorta rainy day here. Do you know what I'm going to do with this perfect stay inside weather? CLEAN our house. It's just bad and I'm kind of excited to tackle all the cleaning that needs to be done so badly. Now for Friday's Letters-

Dear house, sorry we only clean you when you get unbearable. We are just too busy doing other better stuff to take the time to constantly clean.
Dear Airstream, I loooove the progress we've made on you. It seems like only yesterday you were empty, rusty, and just a dream.

Dear health screening Matt and I went to yesterday, thanks for giving Matt and I both good results! Yay for being healthy.
Dear Fall, you are awesome and I love you!
Dear new tooth brush, there's just something exciting about getting a new tooth brush! Makes me want to brush my teeth!
Dear blog friends, if you head over to my ETSY shop this weekend and use the coupon code ILOVEFALL you can get 10% off your order.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are~


Trader Joe's Poster Child

Y'all I am such a huge Trader Joe's fan now that we have two locations in our community! I may not ever be able to live in a place without a Trader Joe's again.

This week I found 3 absolutely fantastic items that I want everyone to know about so they can enjoy them too. First and foremost, the pumpkin ice cream. It tastes like pie and is amazing!!!!

Next, pumpkin ale, so good. It has a hint of pumpkin and is delightful.

Side note, since when has pumpkin been so popular? I know there's always been pumpkin pie around this time of year but has there always been pumpkin flavored everything? Did all the hype around pumpkin start with the Pumpkin Spice latte?

Lastly, Bambino Pizza. These little mini pizzas were fast to make and taste amazing.

I could go on but those are my favorite items from this week!

Do you love TJ's too???



Last night Matt and I watched Hocus Pocus, what a great movie from our childhood. I'm always surprised when I watch a Disney movie again as an adult at all the sort of inappropriate things that are said in a kids movie that I totally didn't notice when I was a kid.

Also, we saw two huge owls in our tree last night! They were hooting up a storm then saw us watching them and they flew off to another tree. I had never see owls that big! If I had a small dog or cat I'd be scared for their little lives because those owls were that big!

Now moving on to craftspiration. I always have a list of craft inspiration on Pinterest of projects I want to try. Some of the top projects on my list right now are-

Hopefully I'll have some time this week to work on some of these fun crafts!!

Have a lovely Wednesday!!


I Love Pocket Tees

Who doesn't love a pocket tee? Well last night I tried to whip myself up a pocket tee. First, I cut the TCU logo off an old polo that I love but that doesn't fit anymore.

I measured a pocket on another t-shirt and it measured 4.5x5 inches so I made mine the same size, folded over the edges, and sewed them down. 

Then I pinned my pocket to a t-shirt and tried it on to see how it would look. I realized that you really need to use a loose t-shirt for it to look good, the tighter shirt looked weird with a pocket on me.
Then I sewed my pocket onto my loose t-shirt. It's harder to sew a pocket onto a t-shirt than I thought. I ended up having to cut off a little more of my pocket than I had planned but here is what I got!

Also check out our shelves in the Airstream!! They are looking sooooo good.


Weekend Happenings

Lunch totes I made this weekend and added to my ETSY Shop!
Partying at our block party!

I made these mini pumpkin pies for our neighborhood block party

Matt and I built the Airstream bed!

The Airstream interior is coming along!

The is the Airstream shower, hard to get a photo!

The bed lifts up for lots of storage!

It's going to be so cozy!

How was your weekend??
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