Tahoe Tuesday- How I Spent My Christmas in Texas

Hi everyone, just a quick note from me as I’m tired from the biggest travel week of my life!  Matt bundled me up in my kitty carrier and took me on a plane to Texas last week.  First I had to ride in the truck to the airport, i was little worried but I enjoyed sitting next to Matt and watching the lights go by as we drove to the city.  I got my special ticket so I could board the plane like Matt, then it was off to security.  Matt took me out of my carrier and I was very intrigued with all that was around me.  Lots of people, noises, and other animals.  A few TSA people stopped what they were doing just to come see me! 
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-6_zps593662d1.jpg
On the plane I meowed any time that Matt looked at me.  I was not sleepy at all.  We finally landed, and guess who was waiting for me in Dallas… Michelle!!

Once we got to Tyler I found my favorite spot to relax (the sink) and watched while Matt & Michelle unpacked.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-2_zps56337897.jpg
I met lots of really nice people while in Texas.  Laura held me very close, I think she wanted to keep me.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-3_zps098a5308.jpg
I played hide and seek every morning under the bed covers.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-4_zpse386f7ef.jpg
Staying at the lake was a real treat - I really liked the beautiful sunsets.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-5_zps3ab2218c.jpg

Before I knew it, it was time to fly back home!  Matt is a bit of a nerd, and he was very impressed with how nice the airplane was.
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-7_zps449cf4e2.jpg

I was stuck in my carrier again so I couldn’t really see it! 
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-8_zps2c3f052b.jpg

Unfortunately we hit some bad turbulence on the plane and I got really scared.  I tore a hole in my carrier, and then promptly stuck my head through and got it stuck.  Matt made the hole a little bit bigger so I could free myself.  My head is bigger than I thought.  I finally calmed down the last hour and tried to sleep.  Matt had to get the truck jump started when we landed in San Francisco, but I was patient, and honestly appreciated that things had stopped moving.  When we finally got home I got back in my sink and took a nap. 
 photo TahoeTuesday1231-9_zps75d03fe5.jpg

It’s good to be home.


God Bless Texas!

It's been a busy time here in Texas and I haven't been much of a blogger while I've been here! I've been a social butterfly seeing lots of friends and hanging out with the fam. I love it here and enjoy coming home, especially at Christmas!

Matt and Tahoe returned to Petaluma today and I'll be in Texas for another week before I go back.

I hope you had a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year (how is it almost 2014??)! I remember the party I went to for the year 2000 like it was yesterday!

Anyway, here are some photos from our time in Texas-
 photo photo3-2_zps357c6e27.jpg
 photo photo2-1_zpsf23c64e7.jpg
the pretty stained glass at our church on Christmas Eve
 photo photo3-1_zps462e796e.jpg
Matt in his new bathrobe, hat and hammock!
 photo photo5-1_zps458b5dd3.jpg
Grilling on Christmas Day
 photo photo3_zps1095ead0.jpg
Desserts Galore
 photo photo1-2_zpsa4219e42.jpg
Mom and I had fun painting at Pinot's Pallet!
 photo photo2-2_zps7ff8f8ba.jpg
Tyler TX knows how to make donuts!

Francis found many laps to sit in on Christmas Day!

 photo photo4-1_zps132a55de.jpg
 photo photo1_zps40bc31a4.jpg
 photo photo2_zps44f5aaf7.jpg
 photo photo4_zps33ef8790.jpg
 photo photo5_zpsdc8be2ff.jpg

Also, Tahoe is mister popular among everyone he met, how can you not love this little guy!?

 photo photo1-1_zps26153ac4.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday- Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!! This is my first Christmas and I love it so far! I'm in Texas right now with Michelle and Matt. It is really fun here. I'm a celebrity. I've met my grandparents and great grandma, and lots of admirers that read my blog post every week. One of the people I met brought me a sweater! I like to sleep under my new sweater and I look pretty dashing when I wear it!
 photo tahoessweater_zps0dd7cb69.jpg
Thank you Debbie!
 photo photo1-1_zps853c9849.jpg
Michelle put a bow on my collar when she was wrapping Christmas presents and I didn't like it but Michelle said I looked cute.
 photo photo2-1_zps684d0824.jpg
I also helped wrap presents with Matt. Ribbon is my favorite thing so present wrapping is amazing!
 photo photo3-1_zpsbea90f7e.jpg
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi! Welcome to Tahoe Tuesday!
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This past week I've been really into playing with things I'm not suppose to such as the paper towel roll, chip clips, hair clips, chap stick, and paper! If Matt or Michelle tell me I can't have something or can't go somewhere then I will repeatedly attempt to get what I want without them noticing. My nick name is sneaker wave because I'm so sneaky I sometimes get away with it!
 photo photo4_zpsf79af1e2.jpg
Michelle left today to go to Texas and I really miss her but, Matt and I will go to Texas on Thursday so we will survive a few days without her.
 photo photo3_zpsf1b93949.jpg
I think my favorite part of this week was when I jumped on the counter to find a big plate of grilled fish. Matt and Michelle weren't paying attention so I ate some! It was so good and I wish I hadn't gotten caught because I could have eaten more!
 photo photo2_zpsa8cf5e31.jpg
I hope you have a good week! See you next time!


Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go

This week I'm traveling to Texas for Christmas! I'm exited to go home for a bit and see all my family and friends!

In order to prepare for my trip I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought snacks (a whole grocery bag full), I have two good books to read on my Kindle (Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela's autobiography and A Dance With Dragons (Game of Thrones book 5!). I'm flying Southwest and will be on the same plane for 6.5 hours!!! I land at LA and San Antonio without any plane changes until I make it to Dallas.

This past weekend Matt and I spent the sunny nice days at Muir Woods, Mill Valley, and Sausalito.

So that's what's happening around here! Tomorrow will be Tahoe Tuesday as usual and then I'll be blogging from Texas!

Have a great day!


The Most Magical Places in America

Over the last 7.5 months I've seen some extremely beautiful places! Traveling in our Airstream west from Kansas City to the coast of California up to Washington, over to Yellowstone and back to the coast again has been amazing. There are a few places that have really stood out that are more than beautiful, they're Magical!

Yellowstone National Park-
This park is the Granddaddy of all National Parks. It just has so much to blow your mind that you can't see anywhere else. Yellowstone is full of wildlife including bison, elk, wolves, bears, beavers and more. You have to try pretty hard not to see wildlife in the park. The thermal features are unbelievable and there are so many! If Yellowstone had nothing but it's thermal features, it would be worth traveling to see. Aside from wildlife and thermal features there are waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and sprawling landscapes that will take your breath away. Not to mention the history of the place with historic buildings and the lodge still in tact.

 photo Yellowstone16_zpsa0242696.jpg
 photo Yellowstone11_zpse17341d9.jpg
 photo IMG_3952_zpsf181591c.jpg
 photo IMG_3698_zps5b54bf07.jpg

Grand Teton National Park-
Grand Teton is less than an hour south of Yellowstone. This park has something wild and intriguing about it and I can't stop thinking about it ever since I went this summer. The mountains are jagged and stunning, the wild life is everywhere, and you can see why so many people are drawn to this place.

 photo GrandTeton11_zps29333361.jpg
 photo IMG_4312_2_zpse54b7684.jpg
 photo GrandTeton01_zps0b738ea1.jpg

Arches National Park-
Arches was our first National Park on our trip so it will always hold a special place in my heart. This park has amazing hiking, beautiful rock structures everywhere you look, and remnants of ancient history with petroglyphs etched into the rocks. It's like no place I've ever seen!

 photo photo3-1_zpsc82f05de.jpg
 photo cooking_zps7b3db2fe.jpg

Sequoia National Park-
I would go back to this park anytime! It's nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with three distinct areas of the park, the Sequoia Grove, the river area, and Mineral King (my favorite). The Sequoia trees are mind blowing and amazing. The crystal clear river and streams are beautiful, and serene mountain hikes are my favorite. This park has bears and deer also! My favorite part of this park is the sense of history that you can still feel. Miners came here in search of gold and silver during and after the California Gold Rush. Old mine shafts are hidden in the mountains waiting for any hiker to find them and try to imagine what life was like for the people that tried to strike it rich (there wasn't any gold or silver here). Sequoia also has many caves and it's said the park would be worthy of being a National Park based only on it's amount of amazing caves. There's only one cave open to the public in the park however, and you have to pay extra to go on a special tour of it. The rest of the caves are kept pretty secret and you really have to know where to look if you want to find them. 

 photo Sequoia11_zpsee359626.jpg
 photo Sequoia3_zps7c154c93.jpg
 photo Sequoia2_zpsf0393c03.jpg

As you can see all of the places I've chosen are National Parks. I can't say enough how amazing the National Parks are! They are places that have been reserved for us to see what the USA looked like before development and building. Each National Park is a National Park for a reason meaning that there is usually a star of the park. For example the Sequoia Trees are the star of Sequoia NP. Desite the main attraction of each National Park the remoteness and beauty of so much nature can sometimes surpass the main reason a National Park is there. If you've ever wondered whether visiting a National Park is worth your time and money, trust me it is!! If Matt and I hadn't set out in our Airstream to see the country we would have never spent our precious vacation days on a National Park because we didn't realize how amazing they really are.

Thanks Airstream for all the fantastic adventures so far!

 photo photo1-1_zps177add13.jpg


How I Get In The Christmas Spirit!

Watch Christmas Movies, especially Home Alone and White Christmas.

Listen To Christmas Music! I personally love the Hansen Christmas Album.

Follow a scripture plan for the month of December
 photo scripplan_zps3863b62c.jpg
Eat chocolate! I ate Ganache with a spoon this week because nothing says Christmas like Ganache right? I made a bowl of Ganache because I had left over whipping cream and chocolate chips... I always do this when I have left over whipping cream which thankfully for my waistline isn't often.
 photo EA1H06_Ganache-Frosting_s4x3_lg_zps161cfde1.jpg
Drink Hot Chocolate!
 photo Starbucks2_zps6a42454f.jpg
Browse Christmas decor ideas on Pinterest!
 photo ScreenShot2013-12-10at92328AM_zps366af823.png

Go to a department store and see all the Christmas decorations and shoppers!
 photo photo5_zps7ea23cdb.jpg

Go to a Christmas party, this is my favorite!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet??


Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi everybody and welcome to Tahoe Tuesday!
 photo tahoe1_zps02b2f2b5.jpg
As you can see I've been acting extra cute this week.

I also found a new place that I loooove to lay, the sink!
 photo photo5-1_zps1411230d.jpg
I'm not sure what it is about the sink that I love so much but you can find me lounging in the sink for at least 2 hours a day.

When I'm not in the sink, I like to lay on Michelle's pillow, it's so annoying how she takes up the whole thing all night, I love it when she moves over in the morning and makes room for me.
 photo photo4-1_zps0a39f659.jpg
Another of my favorite hobbies is looking out the window-
 photo photo3-1_zps28a1e141.jpg
Also I love playing with my feather toy!
 photo photo2-1_zps6ad20e87.jpg
Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!!