Hooray For Visitors!

Happy Halloween today! I'm super pumped for tomorrow and the following week because my brother is coming to visit!

He'll be our first overnight guest in the Airstream. I hope he enjoys sleeping on our oh so comfy couch.

We'll be exploring all the way from Monterey up to Santa Rosa. Look out California!


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi everybody, I'm back for Tahoe Tuesday!

I'm  extremely playful these days and love to chase everything that moves. Here I am getting ready to pounce on something.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-7_zps1d41d86a.jpg

I'm also still really interested in the computer. All I want is to lay on Matt or Michelle's open computer but for some reason they don't like that so, I look over the screen at them so they will pay attention to me instead of their computer screen.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-6_zpsee80da86.jpg

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-5_zps20e3ac92.jpg

Everyday Matt and Michelle tell me my face just keeps getting cuter and they love my huge eyes.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-4_zpsa5227252.jpg

I can't say they're wrong.

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-3_zps8fe100ec.jpg
 photo TahoeTuesday1029-1_zps8330cb92.jpg

Ok, I'm getting sleepy now. Time for a nap on the heated blanket (heated blankets are awesome, do you know that?)

 photo TahoeTuesday1029-2_zpsf0060b9c.jpg


Weekend Happenings

 photo BodegaBay-8_zps78104789.jpg

How was your weekend? Matt and I did a little wine tasting at two different wineries this weekend, Carol Shelton Wines and Manzanita Winery. On Sunday we went to the coast and saw the beautiful ocean. It was super windy and cold but beautiful anyway!

Here are some hearty seals hanging out in that cold water and loving it.

 photo BodegaBay-5_zps49cb622a.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-6_zps19d89bab.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-7_zpse0c90057.jpg

Here are some photos of the campground over the weekend. People get super festive on the weekend celebrating Halloween!

 photo BodegaBay-4_zpsc02c6628.jpg
 photo BodegaBay-3_zpsae3ab5c2.jpg

Here's a farm next to the campground, it looks nice and fallish don't you think?
 photo BodegaBay-2_zps81f60eed.jpg

I hope you have a great Monday!


Marin Headlands

Across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco are the Marin Headlands. It's a protected area run by the national park service full of trails and stunning views of the vast ocean outside of the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco.

It's a great place to go to see the city and the bay but there's also some surprising attractions such as a light house and even old military defense bunkers and missile launching sites (I had no idea there used to be nuclear missiles stored here and ready to launch!).

Here's the lighthouse-
 photo Hwy1101913-06_zps37a9e30f.jpg

To get to the lighthouse you get to walk through a tunnel that was hand chiseled in the late 1800's.

 photo Hwy1101913-05_zps116ea6ad.jpg

View from the lighthouse.

 photo Hwy1101913-04_zpsf8a83e7c.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-07_zpsa0e21dee.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-08_zps6bef808d.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-09_zps169d0a21.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-10_zps6c6b44ac.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-11_zps8ea631d0.jpg

Here's the missile! They're stored underground and are raised up by an elevator. The park ranger tour lets you go underground and watch the missile go up in the elevator. It's crazy to be able to see San Francisco and this at the same time, I had no idea this was over here to protect our shores. This is now a tourist attraction and these aren't active weapons.

 photo Hwy1101913-12_zpsa117dc38.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-13_zpse679e51a.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-03_zpsf96d9c5b.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-02_zps204efdd6.jpg

Have you ever explored the Marin Headlands?


Tahoe Tuesday

Happy Tahoe Tuesday! This past weekend I went to the vet for some shots. I got weighed and I weighed in at a big 2 pounds! Apparently I have some sort of kitty eye infection so Matt and Michelle have to put this crazy goo in my eyes twice a day. It is quite a spectacle. Other than my trip to the vet I've been playing super hard and have a new love for curtains! They are fun to play under and I love them so much.
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-3_zps37f0e641.jpg
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-1_zpsf10296ab.jpg
After I play really hard I like to take a really hard nap usually in someones lap if possible.
 photo TahoeTuesday102213-2_zps6c79474d.jpg


Bay Area Weekend

 photo Hwy1101913-14_zpsf8808f18.jpg
The great thing about living near the bay area is getting to hang out there on the weekend. Saturday was a bright sunny day and we enjoyed the beautiful views and weather! We drove south from Petaluma to the Golden Gate Bridge and then started winding our way around the Marin Headlands. We ended the day by heading up HWY 1 to Stinson Beach. Here are some more photos from our weekend.
 photo Hwy1101913-16_zps6357e2fe.jpg photo Hwy1101913-15_zps642e249b.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-17_zps0434fee2.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-18_zps7c80b5e1.jpg

 photo Hwy1101913-01_zpsd67ed0e3.jpg
 photo Hwy1101913-19_zps80ecb426.jpg


How To Survive Bikram Yoga

This week I started taking Bikram Yoga classes down the road from our campground. I've been taking yoga classes for several years and thought I could totally handle Bikram Yoga! Little did I know how different Bikram is from the other classes I've taken!

Bikram is hot yoga. You do a 90 minute class in a blazing hot and humid room. The heat is what makes the class so much harder! My first class I put my matt right up front and did about the first 6 poses full out giving it my all. About 30 minutes into the class I thought I was going to die! In fact I had to leave the room for a few minutes to get out of the heat. Here's what I've learned on how to survive in class-

Go easy on yourself. I'm still a beginner and need to take a break by sitting or laying on the floor every now and then when class gets too hard. 90 minutes is a long class so pace yourself! Don't feel like you have to do every pose full out.

Make sure you're hydrated by drinking plenty of water the day before you go to class and a few hours before class. You don't want to have a full stomach of water when you get to class or you'll barf! Same thing with food. Don't eat anything heavy 2 hours before class. You lay right on your stomach during class and having food in there is uncomfortable. Also it's super hot which doesn't sit well with a full stomach.

Speaking of food, eat healthy the day before and day of your class or else you will feel weighed down by the crap you ate. Not only will you feel weighed down you'll just feel sick. Taking Bikram is a great way to naturally desire healthy foods because if you choose junk then go hop off to a class you will feel like junk.

Don't wipe the sweat off your face. Let the sweat do it's job by keeping you cool. You will sweat an unbelievable amount!

Don't wear too many clothes. My first class I wore a cotton tank top and biker shorts. It was too much! I now wear my biker shorts and just a sports bra. The things people wear to class will blow your mind! I've never seen such tiny shorts on men or women, it's pretty entertaining. Join in the fun and wear something you could never wear anywhere but Bikram Yoga class.

If you start feeling like you can't go on any longer breath only through your nose. It works and you'll feel so much better in just a few breaths.

When I feel like I just can't do another pose I tell myself, all you have to do is stand here and build up to the pose. Really none of the poses are that hard and if I wasn't in a hot room they'd be no problem. So, I just remember that the pose I'm doing isn't that hard and that it will be over soon. You never have to hold a pose for very long.

Look forward to how you'll feel after class. During class you feel pretty terrible but almost immediately after you're done you feel light a a feather, flexible as a rubber band, totally in alignment, completely worked out and very peaceful.

You need a yoga mat and a towel about as big as your mat. You sweat so much that you'd slide right off a yoga mat with no towel on top.

Take it one pose at a time. Don't think about how long you have left or you'll watch the clock the whole class. Just think about the pose you're in and tell yourself, I can do anything for 10 seconds which is about how long your have to hold poses. When you add in the time it takes to transition from pose to pose the class will be over before you know it.

Your body may not like you during class but you will feel amazing after and you'll be healthier with every class you take. Each class is hard but is way more pleasant and easier than the first class. If you hated your first class give it one more try and you'll probably be a believer.


Pretty Pictures

I often look back through all the photos we've taken on our trip. We've seen some beautiful places and I'm so glad we have hundreds of photos to take me back! Here are some great ones I thought you'd enjoy on your Wednesday.

 photo Yellowstone11_zpse17341d9.jpg
 photo IMG_3938_zps20c18ab4.jpg
 photo IMG_3901_zps8a814761.jpg
 photo Yellowstone20_zpsd2f710c6.jpg
 photo IMG_5424_zps98468dc0.jpg
 photo GrandTeton01_zps0b738ea1.jpg

Can you guess where any of these were taken??


Tahoe Tuesday

 photo IMG_6407_zpse22aa7d9.jpg

So, I've been with Matt and Michelle now for a week and a few days now! I've pretty much fully adjusted to life in the Airstream I think. I was kind of shy the first two days I lived with M&M but not anymore! I let them know when I want their attention, when I want food and when I want to play!

I had to ride in the car alot this first week since we moved from Washington to California. I hated my kitty carrier but was happy when I got to sleep in Michelle's lap.

 photo IMG_6292_zps421ff397.jpg

About twice a day I get a huge burst of energy and run around the whole trailer like I'm crazy for about 10 minutes. Then I take a really long nap.

I love the computer, if someone gets on a computer then I must walk all over the keyboard and then take a nap on it.
 photo IMG_6287_zps64028c99.jpg

I've even learned to start playing episodes of the office on Matt's computer and I started a song the other day by walking on the keyboard which I didn't mean to do but Matt and Michelle thought it was hilarious.

The TV is also really entertaining. I like to sit on the back of Michelle's chair and watch it. If I really like what's on I might reach my paw up toward the screen.

 photo IMG_6428_zps37530a72.jpg

I'm a good cat and entertain Matt and Michelle to the best of my ability!


We're In Petaluma

We made it to Petaluma, CA on Saturday and got all settled in! The weather is amazing right now, I love it.

I'm excited to explore our new area. We are about 45 minutes-an hour north of San Francisco, 30 minutes to Sonoma and the beach is about 45 minutes away! We also have In N Out Burger near by which I'm excited about! I'll post more soon about where we're staying and all that!


Travel Week

This week is a big travel week for us as we head to Sonoma for Matt's new internship! We left Bellingham, WA earlier this week and have been driving through the beautiful states of Washington and Oregon for the last few days.

Our new kitten, Tahoe, is a good traveler so far as long as he gets to sit in my lap.

We made it to Northern California today and are camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot along with about 7 other RVs! We will get going early in the morning and keep traveling south.

So far we've seen lots of rain and even some snowfall! It's been beautiful up here in the Pacific Northwest but, I'm glad we're going where it's a bit warmer!

Have a great Thursday!

The Airstream at Sunset in Oregon


Cascadian Farm

Matt and I have been eating Cascadian Farm Organic granola for breakfast almost every morning for a few months now. As we were driving around hwy 20 near Concrete, WA we ran across one of their farms!
 photo NorthCascadesNP2-01_zpse323c4d8.jpg

It was a beautiful spot and the most perfect photo of fall.

 photo NorthCascadesNP2-04_zps62d55eaa.jpg
 photo NorthCascadesNP2-03_zps398e030f.jpg

You never know what you're going to run into on the road!

 photo NorthCascadesNP2-02_zpsff15f62d.jpg