Tahoe Tuesday

Hello and happy Tahoe Tuesday!

I've been sleeping like a rock lately, I love to sleep upside down in my bed especially.

 photo photo4_zps308bff63.jpg

I found this abandoned box this week and thought it was big enough to get in.
 photo photo1_zpsa41e8f9e.jpg

I was right, plenty of room!
 photo photo2_zps4a780a88.jpg

 photo photo3_zps4069a7bf.jpg
In case you were wondering this is my computer, and my table too for that matter.

 photo exoticoncomputer_zpsab73a841.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!


San Francisco

We love you San Francisco! You are one beautiful city-

Golden Gate Park - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-2_zps1d5df31d.jpg
Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-3_zps8acc4a64.jpg

Flowers at Golden Gate Park - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-4_zps5837c181.jpg

Willie Woo Woo Wong Playground - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-5_zps06855203.jpg
Oh China Town

San Francisco - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-6_zps7b400c66.jpg

Cruise Ship Leaving San Francisco Bay - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-7_zpsf0c3f299.jpg
There goes a cruise ship leaving the bay for the great ocean beyond!

Golden Gate Bridge - LuxeLandYacht photo 11914SanFrancisco-1_zpse7fcca02.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi everybody! Happy Tahoe Tuesday! Did you know my favorite time of day is morning? I just love lounging in bed until I'm ready to get up and start my day.

I've started a new job this week! I'm now Matt's masseuse. He used to have Michelle do this job but it looked so fun that I decided to take over.

I also found a suitcase that is my current favorite toy. I can jump in it, hide under it, the possibilities are endless.

I'm getting bigger and bigger every week!

But, I can still steal the hearts of Matt and Michelle when I curl up to take a cute little nap!


Airstream Photo Fix

For those of you who want more Airstream photos, here you go!
 photo photo5_zps77375261.jpg
A pretty sunny day!
 photo photo4_zpsd6226c57.jpg
 photo photo3_zps5907ec73.jpg
Now that we're cat obsessed, why not have a cat door mat too!
 photo photo2_zpsd0815337.jpg
Even though it's sunny and gets warm most days, the weather can get below freezing at night. Therefore we have added heat tape and insulation to our water supply!
 photo photo1_zps0776243d.jpg
our new generator cover that I made over Christmas and our new grill table
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps95df9475.jpg
Other Airstreams in the campground and a pretty Peacock!


Tahoe Tuesday

 photo photo3_zpsb9fe08c8.jpg
Some say I resemble the Cheshire Cat here, I think I'm cuter.
This weekend, Michelle took me to the vet and left me there. I got a little patch of fur shaved off my arm and and IV put in. The next thing I know, Michelle is picking me back up, I'm a little groggy and I'm feeling a little bit lighter. I'm not sure what happened to me at the vet but I feel good and am acting like my self!

 photo photo1_zpsb8abe0e9.jpg
 I just got home from the vet and can't keep my eyes open and nobody will feed me!
Since my return home I've been extra cute and have gotten lots of extra attention from Michelle and Matt.
 photo photo2_zps649a144c.jpg
So many great naps have been had this weekend
 photo photo4_zps89c5dbc4.jpg
Nobody tells me where I can and can't sit.
 photo photo5_zps86de2217.jpg
I give up. Life as a kitty is tough.


Michelle's Favorite Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is still so fresh on my mind, we spend over a month building up to it and it's hard for me to get over it too quickly! I received some fantastic gifts this year and wanted to share my favorite ones with you that I'll be enjoying for a long time-
 photo photo1_zps272b98aa.jpg
Amazing Catstudio Yellowstone National Park Pillow
 photo photo2_zps60cb04a6.jpg
Monogram Ring
 photo photo3_zpsc1d0df40.jpg
Monogram Purse! I love monograms this year!
 photo photo4_zpsfaa71f08.jpg
New makeup and brush!


KOA Petaluma

I've had some requests to show the campground we're staying in so here are some photos so you can see what the KOA of Petaluma looks like!

 photo photo4-2_zps20d3a15b.jpg
 photo koacollage_zpsa0d8af52.jpg
There is a petting zoo and a few peacocks
 photo photo3_zps30e3bef5.jpg
Pool and hot tub I visit almost everyday!
 photo photo4_zps48cf1d51.jpg
There are usually several Airstreams in the park, we have an Airstream neighbor right now!
 photo photo5_zpsa5fb7907.jpg
There are cabins if you don't have an RV
 photo photo1-1_zpse5c42c91.jpg
There's a bird that sits on the fence everyday and Tahoe loves to watch it!

 photo photo3-2_zpsfea2a14e.jpg
 photo photo2-2_zps6ca3a7bb.jpg
 photo photo1-2_zps471ce432.jpg

 This campground is nice, there's laundry, a jump pillow and lots of room for many RVs. The campground is located just off the 101 about 2.5 miles from downtown Petaluma. It's a great place to stay if you want to camp near wine country or even San Francisco for that matter (it's 45 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge if the traffic is flowing).

So, there you have it, our home base since October!


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi Everybody! Things in my world are back to normal again! Michelle came back from Texas and I was so happy to see her. She was gone a week without me and I was wondering if I'd ever see her again.

 photo photo4-1_zps30918f5e.jpg

On Sunday I went to the vet because I had gotten sick twice. My parents worry about me a little much sometimes and the vet said I was fine. However, when I was at the vet he made some sort of remark about how I'm going to be back at his office on Saturday and I won't have a certain part for much longer. I'm not sure what he's talking about... I keep hearing that I'm getting fixed on Saturday so hopefully that won't be anything too bad.

 photo tahoe_zpsa633d165.jpg

Michelle surrounded me with lots of toys this morning while she unpacked her suitcase. I love lots of toys and being right where I can see her.

 photo photo_zps88c6565a.jpg

Well, I guess I'll see you next week and thanks for stopping by today!


Back to Trailer Life

Hello!! I've been in Texas for about three weeks for Christmas and New Year's! It was so nice to be home for so long. Yesterday I came back to Petaluma and our beautiful Airstream.

While in Texas we celebrated Gabby's 12th birthday (Gabby is my Mom's shadow and follows her everywhere!) She got a plate of food and a cupcake to celebrate.
 photo gabbybday1_zps9860f20c.jpg
 photo gabbybday2_zps41669a23.jpg

My mom and I also got super crafty trying out lots of crafts we wanted to do. We made a few candles! I envisioned making lots of candles out of beer and wine bottles but, getting the bottles to break nicely is nearly impossible so we were able to make a grand total of 2 bottle candles! They are nice though!
 photo photo4_zps0d67d915.jpg
classiest candle you've ever seen right?
 photo photo3_zps1cf62d51.jpg
While home I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and eating my heart out on lots of sweets and all my favorite Texas foods. Today I'm back to eating healthy (hooray).

I loved coming back to the Airstream and seeing this little guy! I missed him! I was super happy to see Matt too, he's just not as willing to pose for selfies as Tahoe is.
 photo photo5_zps85d6a0e6.jpg