Random Wednesday!

Wednesdays are a great day for a random post so here you have it-

I read "Pretty Little Liars" over the Thanksgiving break. I realize it is written for teens but I was entertained by the book. I couldn't wait to find out who "A" was or what the heck "The Jenna Thing" was by reading the rest of the books so I looked it all up in Wikipedia. Now I know all about Pretty Little Liars and didn't have to read a bunch more books to figure it out. I never do this with books but I knew that there were much better things I should be doing with my time than reading Pretty Little Liars.

It's time again for another home renovation project! Our house has a room off the back that used to be a screened in porch. Currently the room has no lights, why do people do this?? All the rooms in our house were like this until we added lights. Lamps just don't cut it for me. Also the back room has a tiny half bath that had a sink and urinal only. Our plan for the room is to knock out the half bath and put a full bath along the back wall and use the rest of the room as a study/guest room with a day bed and a desk.
The room currently serves as a dark, ugly orange, storage room but that will change over the next few months!

Have you ever had pallea?? My mother in law and I made some over Thanksgiving break and I'm a big fan! It takes a while to make but it tastes fantastic. It also make a lot! I love left overs so this is a great meal for me because I was able to eat it for 1 dinner and 3 lunches before running out.

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