I Like to Think I'm Normal

When I think about me and my husband I think, we are totally normal people. You know how it's normal to have tick or treaters come to your house on Halloween? Well we failed at that last night.

Ever since last year Halloween when we didn't get very many trick or treaters we've been saying, "I hope we get more trick or treaters this year!" but then Halloween rolled around this year and we didn't buy any candy.

When our doorbell rang last night we hid like total weirdos from the trick or treaters. After not opening the door the first time the kids rang the bell they rang it again. I was starting to wish I'd locked the front door because they were so persistant they might just open it or something.

Then the door bell rang a third time and the kids on our front step were yelling and having a great time but we still hid from them because we had nothing to give them. I peaked out from behind the couch to look out the window and saw one of the kid's mom's filming with her video camera. Great, now they have documentation of us with our curtains open and lights on not coming to the door.

Finally they left and we quickly closed our curtains and turned out our lights. Now we will probably be the weird neighbors that everybody could tell was home but didn't answer their door on Halloween when a bunch of fun loving kids came to our door.

Gotta love that. How was your Halloween?
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