RVing is better than Camping

I've always thought camping in a tent was fun but camping in an RV is much much more fun.

For example, we had luxuries like a fridge, a microwave, TV to watch football, a real bed, and a heater.
We spent lots of time out by the campfire and hiking but when we wanted to come in from the outside we had that option. Plus, an Airstream is so much cuter than a tent.

This weekend was our first camping trip in our Airstream since it was remodeled! The weather was perfect. We don't have our plumbing complete yet so we didn't have any water in the Airstream but it was still a luxurious camping experience. Do you know what's really cool? Watching TV while camping. We had the Airstream door open and could catch glimpses of a football game on TV while sitting by the campfire.

This week I'll show you more interior photos of our Airstream now that the couch and curtains are done!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving week!  

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