Friday Happenings

Welcome Friday! Even though it's still November I feel full of Christmas spirit because everything is now decorated for Christmas and we've started singing Christmas music at church.

This morning, I ate a cookies and cream cupcake for breakfast! It was all sitting on the counter screaming out for me to eat it, so I did.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas somehow turns into an eating free for all for me. There are so many parties, people bringing food to work, me thinking- it's only the holidays once a year! So, I indulge and I'm already starting to look/feel like it's time to slow down and quit eating so much junk (even though it's delicious junk)

Another holiday food I've been enjoying is Chex Mix!!!! Also called Texas Trash around my parents house. My mom and mother-in-law both make big batches of chex mix every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas and my brother, husband and me love it!!

This weekend I'm going to Arkansas for a wedding shower!! I'm super excited! I'm leaving straight from work so I have my front seat filled with my favorite road trip snacks- salt and vinegar chips, coke, water, chex mix. My poor husband will be home alone working hard on our back room, what a good man.

Some of you asked me what Pallea is since I wrote about it on Wednesday. Pallea is a Spanish dish made of meat or seafood and rice. You cook the rice and choice of meat in a huge pan all together with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, saffron, lemon juice and red pepper and it turns out super flavorful!

One last thought to leave you with today, I always feel the need to add an ! mark or 2 in any email I send or else it looks like i'm being too serious/unkind. When I get emails without exclamation marks I tend to read it in a monotoned voice and it's hard to tell what that person's voice inflection would sound like. Do you do this too?

Happy Friday and weekend!

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