A Wedding Shower and Christmas Parade

This past weekend was so fun because I got to go to one of the quaintest little towns I've ever experienced, Siloam Spring, Arkansas. Either I was hanging out with the most popular people in town or everyone knows everyone in that town.

I went to Arkansas for one of my college roomies wedding shower! Everywhere we went her and her fiance and friends were saying hi and striking up conversation with everyone we came in contact with. It was nice to see a small town like that and it make me want to live in a place where I know everybody!

The wedding shower was a lovely brunch complete with petite fours, mimosas and brunch foods.I love showers mostly because of the food (who doesn't?).

I enjoyed hanging out with my old college bud all weekend!
The bride and groom!
We also went to another small town Siloam spectacular event called, Light Up Siloam. The Christmas lights were turned on over main street and then there was a parade complete with ponies, the town's mail truck, the town's lake patrol boat being pulled by a huge pick up truck, the local tax service had a float, and lots of the local churches had awesome floats too.

The whole town came out for this awesome parade down main street and I just could not get over how cute it was! I wish I could show you better pictures but, maybe next December you should just go experience this event for yourself to fully understand how amazing it is.

I drove home Sunday morning and got straight to work on this-

Don't worry, we don't have a large hole in the side of our house anymore, we got the plywood and house wrap back up before calling it quits last night.

We are immersed in another house project and I'll tell you more about it as we progress!

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