Sparkly Headband Tutorial!

I love headbands and I especially love these shiny little ones that you can wear 2 different ways! Today I'm going to teach you how I make them!


Supplies you'll need are- Sparkly Ribbon (I bought it at Hobby Lobby) Hair Bands (to allow the headband to be stretchy) Tape measure (to measure your head) Sewing machine to attach the hair band to your ribbon or needle and thread if you don't have a sewing machine.

First, gather your supplies- 
Next, measure your head. I measured my head two ways and found that it's pretty much the same measurement both ways.


Next, cut your ribbon the length you need for your headband. Keep in mind the hairband length and subtract that from your length of ribbon. For example my head is 22 inches so I cut my ribbon to 20 inches. This allows for my 3 inch hairband to make up the difference and I have an inch to use when I sew my ribbon to the hairband. So, after taking away another inch when sewing my headband is 19 inches plus 3 inches of stretchy hairband= 22 inches. I like my headband not too tight so i make it the same measurment as my head. If you want it tighter cut a shorter ribbon.

Next, fold ribbon over one side of hair band and sew on.

Sew other side of ribbon on hair band
Boom you have a headband! You can wear it simply with just the band or add cute flowers too!

If you like these cute glittery headbands but prefer not to make them yourself, I can make one for you! Just click here and order yourself one!

Happy Tuesday!
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