High Five For Friday!

1. The weather was over 50 degrees yesterday, today and is suppose to be tomorrow so that means I had a window of opportunity to prime the last unpainted part of our house! I sprayed it this afternoon, what a relief to have that project crossed off the list!


2. I've sold 3 items in my ETSY shop this week, now that's big business!

3. Matt and I watched the Geminid Meteor shower for about 15 minutes last night and saw 11 meteors! < you can't get much cooler that watching meteor showers.

4. We're having garlic mashed potatoes with dinner tonight, I love me some garlic mash.

5. This time next week I'll be headed to Texas for Christmas!!

Happy Friday, I hope you have a lovely weekend!! I'm planning on lots of reading, a little shopping and hopefully fully finishing the paint job on our house. See you next week!

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