Zion National Park- The Narrows and Wildlife

If you ever want to be able to find your campsite from a trail high above the park, you should get a polished Airstream-

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Amazing right? Anyway, we're still in the beautiful Zion National Park and I have much more to share about our time here!

Zion exists because of the Virgin River. This river cut through the landscape and made a remarkable place full of beautiful rock, plants and wildlife!
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My favorite hike in Zion was The Narrows. This hike is at the north end of the park and is really just hiking in the river! By walking in the river you are in the deep beautiful narrow canyon cut out by the cold, clear, beautiful Virgin River.

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Walking through the river required me to wear quite a nice outfit-

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The water was about 56 degrees and we were in and out of the river for about 4 hours in ankle deep water to up to my thighs. While the water was cold, the day was hot at almost 90 degrees so walking in the cold water was nice. The views also took my mind off the cold water.

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Really the views inside the canyon are unreal and if you ever get the chance to hike the Narrows you will not be sorry.

There were some points where the river was moving pretty quickly and having a walking stick to help support me was very helpful. I also just wore socks with running shoes and that worked out just fine. You can rent water shoes and pants to keep you from getting wet but that was about $22 for the shoes and $40 for shoes and pants which I’m too cheap to spend.

Speaking of cheap, Matt and I bought 2 river rafts at Wal Mart the other night and have been tubing almost every afternoon! You aren’t allowed to tube in the national park but you can tube through the city just outside of the park called Springdale. You can tube for about 1 hour and then get out at the town shuttle station. The shuttle is free and shuttles people staying at hotels or going out to eat/shop in town to Zion! It’s a great when it’s hot outside so, if you come to Zion, bring a tube! Put it in the river just past the Zion Visitor’s Center and you’re good to go!

Tomorrow we head to Las Vegas!!
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