Boondocking on the Colorado River Near Arches

About a month ago when Matt and I were planning to come to Arches National Park near Moab, Utah we saw campsites of BLM land near the park along the Colorado River. I hoped that we'd be able to get one but didn't want to get my hopes up because these campsites are first come first served and are a little competitive to get especially right now during the busy season.

Friday afternoon we checked out all the different campgrounds and sites and decided that we would arrive back Saturday morning around sunrise and wait for someone to leave so we could take their spot.

We got super lucky and got an amazing spot at the Big Bend campground that day and are loving it so far.

This is some rugged camping for sure. We had to come in with full water tanks because there's no water in this campground. There's also no electricity so we use our generator about 2 hours a day to charge our batteries in the Airstream for power.

Leaving civilization to camp in Airstream with no water hookups or power hookups has a great trade off. The views are amazing. I feel like I'm really out in the wilderness here! Here are some photos of our campsite and the views around us-

 photo photo1_zpsa9e1541e.jpg
 photo photo5-1_zpse6e6f8ad.jpg
 photo photo4_zpsebff6f0f.jpg
 photo photo3_zps11abb6c0.jpg

The only thing I'm not a fan of is having to take really quick showers and using the vault toilets (eww) at the campsite. We're trying not to use our toilet because the less we fill up our wastewater tanks and the less of our fresh water we use, the longer we can stay out here in the wilderness.

Here's a picture from our hike in Arches yesterday-

 photo photo3-1_zpsc82f05de.jpg
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