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Since being on the road (it's been over 2 weeks now omg) I've had to figure out just what in the world to cook and how to make it taste good. For the most part I've used our Webber Q grill to make our meals. I also have an induction cook top I use and a microwave but the grill has proven to be the easiest to use so far since we've been camping in mostly non-electric campsites.

Some staples of our camping meals include chicken ceasar salad (it's delish & easy), fajitas (chicken and steak mmm), pancakes!,  scrambled eggs and bacon, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (so good) and hamburgers (we've had these at least 4 times now).
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When I'm feeling less adventurous we dine on cereal for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch.

When I'm feeling fancy, I've made rosemary pork chops with mashed potatoes and jambalaya with grilled asparagus.
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One of the fun things about cooking in the Airstream is that I take more time to prepare our meals. At our house I tried to make food as fast as I could because we were too busy or too hungry to wait long for our meals to be ready!

I do miss being able to make cookies, cake, ice cream- you know, all that bad stuff that pinterest made me make because it looked (and was) so good.

What are some of your favorite meals that I could make on the grill, fire or cook top? I'm always searching for new ideas!

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