Hello From Colorado!

Here I sit in the Airstream next to a stream in Eagle Colorado with free wi-fi! Matt and I left Russell Kansas (west Kansas- woof) this morning and headed to Denver. We made it to Denver around 3:30 and decided to keep on trekking! We made it over the beautiful Rocky Mountains on I-70. I loooved it, the mountains are so pretty and the little towns are so cute. I think this stretch of I-70 is maybe the most beautiful stretch of interstate in America.

When we got to Eagle with is a little past Vail, I pulled out the grill and made a little chicken Cesar Salad for dinner while 4 deer grazed in the grass in front of me. It was amazing! We also saw a few big horn sheep on the mountain pass today! That was unexpected and so cool.

Lastly, we stopped at a cute town called Idaho Springs where there's an old gold mine! While we were walking up to the gold mine we saw two guys fly fishing in one of the many beautiful streams and he caught a fish!

As you can see I'm loving life on the road so far. I'm amazed at everything we're seeing and I feel free as a bird with our home following behind us down the road.

Here are some photos from today!

 photo co5_zps055f1c81.png
 photo co6_zps7b227449.jpg
 photo co4_zpsc8fa7e8b.jpg
 photo co1_zpse9afde1b.jpg
P.S. I wasn't expecting snow still by May 2nd! Some of the ski areas look like they could still be open with all the snow still up here!
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