Airstreamers Love All Airstreams

The funny thing about having an Airstream is the obsession with all Airstreams that comes with it. Every time Matt and I see another Airstream on the road we freak out and flash our lights at the people waving like crazy. The funny thing is, the other Airstream owners are doing the same thing!

I've been keeping a tally of all the Airstreams we've seen on our trip so far and my total is at 18! (We haven't even been traveling for a week).

In one of the campgrounds we stayed in we met another couple who has an Airstream so of course we talked with them. By the end of the conversation we'd already been invited to stay on their land in California if we ever pass by and are now Facebook friends all in a matter of about a 20 minute conversation all because of the Airstream connection.

The next day when we were hunting for a great boon docking site on the Colorado River, there was an Airstream parked in a lovely spot. We asked the fellow Airstreamers when they were planning to leave and they told us the next day at the crack of dawn. So, the next day at 6:30am as we rolled by their campsite, they were pulling out so we could take their spot! (I'm sure the campsite was happy to have another Airstream to keep it company another week).

So, Airstreamers are a special club that get super excited to see each other out there on the road! I love it! I don't think I every noticed Airstreams until we became obsessed and got one, do you look for Airstreams everywhere you go?
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