Bryce Canyon Astrophotography

Howdy, It's Matt writing again on the blog! This week we're staying at Bryce Canyon National Park in Southwest Utah.  Bryce is known for spectacular rock canyons, fascinating HooDoo's (rock spires), and very dark skies!

I've been excited to take some night sky photos since we left the light pollution of the big city and I've definitely come to a great spot.  First off, thanks Dad for my graduation gift of a Canon 40D DSLR camera - it has been a great tool on this adventure and now I've gotten to try it out on the stars!

Now, of course much better photos of my first two images are available on the web by professionals, but keep in mind these were just taken with a DSLR - no telescope used!

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy
 photo M51_zps8d43e8f7.png

M13 - Hercules Cluster
 photo HerculesCluster_zpsfe49e737.png

These are 2 fun wide angle sky photos I took.  I hope to replace the trees with some canyon rock soon!

 photo Trees_zpsfe03db01.jpeg

 photo Trees2_zps32dac22e.jpeg

Also - if you're someone we've met on the road - please leave us a comment on the blog - we would love to hear from you!
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