Bryce Canyon Photos

 photo BC3_zpsa29f3205.jpg
 photo BC6_zpsb4a8f12f.jpg
Here are some final photos from Bryce Canyon. Please notice the Horned Frog!! Go Frogs! (That’s for my school TCU if you don’t know).
 photo BC4_zpsab037d43.jpg
 photo BC1_zps8ef6b6f9.jpg
 photo BC2_zps3d675da9.jpg

Overall Bryce Canyon was a beautiful park with very bright stars at night. It was a unique mixture of forest and rock. We saw lots of deer and prong horn in this park.

I didn’t like the higher altitude of this park though because it definitely made me feel super tired and lethargic. Since we only spent less than a week there I never really got acclimated to the elevation.

I enjoyed the cool weather. Hiking was much more pleasant in cooler temps and it's nice to open the windows at night to let in the cool air!

 photo BC5_zps204793dd.jpg
 photo Fairyland8MileHike_zps25ec336c.png
Fairyland Canyon Hike was quite a workout!
We had a great experience at Bryce!

Now we’re at Zion and OMG this park is amazing. More on it later!
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