Canyonlands National Park- Island in the Sky

What a name huh? Island in the Sky, it sounds so magical. The Island in the Sky section of Canyon Lands is beautiful and unique. We spent about 7 hours exploring this week which I think covered it pretty good for us. If you wanted to do some off roading on your bike on in a Jeep you could spend much longer in this park. Here are some photos of our day in Canyonlands-

 photo Canyonlands1_zps27b8db96.jpg

 photo Canyonlands4_zpsdddf05a8.jpg
 photo Canyonlands3_zpsba6a081c.jpg
This is a Pueblo Indian grain storage place! Yay history, I feel like an archeologist on this trip.
 photo Canyonlands5_zps94c59234.jpg
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