Bryce Canyon- Hi High Altitude

Hello!! We've made it to our 4th National Park on this journey, Bryce Canyon. I'm still surprised at how many National Parks there are that I had not heard of before a few weeks ago!

Bryce Canyon is a more popular park than the others we've been to so far which means more people and more gift shops! I'm enjoying the more commercialization of this park but really compared to most places we are still very much in the wildrness.

Here I am on our first day out in Bryce Canyon-
 photo IMG_1895_zps026c0617.jpeg
Here's me about an hour later-
 photo IMG_1903_zps0622d234.jpeg
High altitude is rough on my ability to have energy. We hiked about 1 mile and felt like we had gone 10. I'm sure sleeping well in this park that's for sure.
 photo IMG_3601_zps0f2809c3.jpeg
The longer we're here though, the more energy I gain so tomorrow Matt and I plan to conquer a hike in the canyon!

Here are some pretty photos from our big 1 mile hike!
 photo IMG_3588_zps250b220a.jpg
We can do it!
 photo IMG_1896_zpse608687b.jpeg
Hoodoos and trees! There's a controlled burn in the distance, apparently forest fires are good for the health of the forest!
 photo IMG_1897_zpsd8acfe50.jpeg
 photo IMG_1919_zpsed0c9985.jpeg
 photo IMG_3571_zpsab1300e2.jpeg
Our Campsite
 photo IMG_3572_zps926b6763.jpeg
In front of the lodge
 photo IMG_3576_zps2222d927.jpeg

 photo IMG_3602_zps3f71be6a.jpeg
This is petrified wood! Can I make a counter top out of this please?
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