Living a More Active Lifestyle- I Love It

Now that Matt are living on the road I’m required to be a lot more active and move around so much more than I’ve been doing the past 3 years on a daily basis.

No matter how much I tried to include exercise in my daily life it just never added up to a good number and hours to keep me feeling awesome.

In college I was required to move a lot by walking or biking to classes, to meals, to the parking lot which was super far away and to do anything. I also exercised but definitely felt slim and trim in college no problemo.

When I started working I understandably got to my desk every morning and only got up to get coffee, get lunch, go to the bathroom, go to the copier, go talk to someone and then to go to my car to leave. It’s so hard when you have a desk job to move your body. An 8 hour workday is a long time to be moving little to none. Even exercising an hour a day is just not enough to keep up with the amount of eating that I would do in a day. (Yes I know I could have eaten less but, when free food is offered at work, it's not easy to say, no, I'll pass! P.S. we had a lot of good free food at my job).

So, after just a few weeks on the road I’ve learned that I have to walk to the bathroom, to get water, to clean dishes, to empty the trash, bike or walk to get to places around the parks and we’re hiking/biking everyday which feels amazing.

Each day also feels so long but at the same time flies by. Each night when it’s time for bed I long to get under the covers and fall asleep because I just can’t keep my eyes open. I have not experienced boredom out on the road yet. I miss lots of internet time but I also know it’s good for me to be away from it way more than I’m used to.

I’m also required to eat what I have in the trailer. When living in our house, I could go to any store whenever a craving struck and get ice cream, pie, chips (whatever) and eat it right then. Now that we’re farther away from grocery stores and we’re staying in lots of national parks we are more stuck and just eat what we already have. Knowing that there's not a grocery store around the corner (or and ice cream shop) I tend to think less about food I don't have access to anyway which is nice.

If I could find a way to work and stay this active everyday that would be the ultimate life!

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