New York- By, Edward Rutherfurd

I read this book because this author is similar to my current favorite author, Ken Follett. Rutherfurd writes historical fiction novels and New York is the first of many of his books I plan to read!

New York is a novel that gives you the history of New York City from the 1500's when it was mainly occupied by the dutch fur traders up until 9/11.

This novel follows a fictitious blue blood family that interacts with real high society characters from history.

After reading this novel, I feel like I just finished a semester long class on New York history! This novel also gives you a good bit of American history too because it takes you through all the major events that happened in American history.

If you love history and want to spend some time delving deeper into New York history then this is a great book!

There are characters that you follow throughout the story but the author doesn't get extremely deep into their personal lives for example, there are no sex scenes, deep confessions, or major drama from the characters of this novel.

The characters are mainly  used to guide you through history and help you get a human perspective on events that are happening.

My favorite part of this story is learning how the streets of New York and the neighborhoods of New York were formed. Names that we still hear today like Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, The Bronx, The Hudson River, Governor's Island, all originated hundreds of years ago! Who knew?

This is a long book but one you will come to love. Next I'm reading The Princes of Ireland which is another historical fiction novel about Ireland from this author! It'll probably take me 2-3 months to read but I'll review it when I'm done!
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