This past weekend I went on a 3 day mission trip to Joplin Missouri with my church. This past weekend marked the one year anniversary of the F5 tornado that killed 158 people.

My team that I served with was so fun. I've been on lots of mission trips in my life and always walk away feeling amazing. The work we do on mission trips is good and helpful to those we are serving but honestly the best part of trips are the relationships you build in a short amount of time.

There is something about mission trips that make people break out of their shell quickly. For our 3 day trip, most of us hadn't met yet but by the time we reached Joplin after our 7:00am 2 hourish car ride, we were already friends.

The reason people are able to bond so quickly on mission trips may have something to do with the over night factor, where you see people at the end of the day at their most unattractive, you stay up late laughing, playing games, and eating junk food.

You see people learn how to paint for the first time, jam out to 80's music (this is what we listened to for some reason), get excited about fast food, have dance parties, play ultimate frisbee in the dark. These are all things we did.

We laughed so much, painted a church gym from pink to ivory, and started work on painting the outside of another house.

I kept thinking while I was on the trip that I wish everyday could be more like this. The sense of Christian community where we didn't care what we looked like, we wanted to encourage everybody in our group and new people we met, and just act like ourselves.

A cute dog that followed us back to the church where we were staying.

Maybe trips like this are a glimpse of heaven, when people will work together, encourage each other, stay out of competition with each other, and focus on loving people instead of focusing on ourselves.
Cat helping out on the ladder.

I hope you had a great weekend! And I hope you have a lovely week.

P.S. Today, I tried to give blood for the first time and my veins were too small. They told me to drink lots of water and come back tomorrow. Hopefully I will be successful tomorrow!

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