What I've Done This Week!

Monday and Tuesday I did posts about the dogs I think are cute and what my top 5 guilty pleasures are so, today I thought I'd tell you about what's happening in real life!

Over the weekend we did the usual Airstream work, clean up the house and such but, we also went fishing! I caught two brim with worms I dug up out of our yard. I tried to take the brim off my own hook but Matt ended up having to do this for me both times.

Sunday night we had a tornado, but it didn't touch down thankfully, it stayed about 100 ft off the ground.

Monday night the weather was fantastic and so we went to a Royals game! They actually let you bring in your own food, I was surprised by that. The Royals lost to Boston. Half the crowd were Red Sox fans so they were happy. Something I've learned from living in Kansas is that a lot of people are sent to Kansas City for their job at some point in their career! So many people we know have said, oh yeah, I used to live in KC back when I first started working. Crazy! (we moved here for my husbands job fyi).

 I've been crafting a lot each night, I made this cross with words that describe the nature and character of God and hung it in my office.

This week, I've been making oatmeal smoothies from breakfast. All I do is add 1/2 cup of dry oatmeal, about 1/3 cup of milk, and one banana to the blender and blend it up. It's a good way to eat oatmeal when it's hotter outside.

On Monday, I bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco and have been using it in Wraps, chicken fried rice, and salad. I love that a whole rosted chicken that tastes to good only costs $4.99, that's how much I pay for chicken breasts usually.

That's what is happening in my world this week! Happy Wednesday!

P.S.- isn't this ring so cute and perfect? I love it.

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