Love People, Even Bad Drivers

Every morning I try to start my day off with compassion, patience, and mercy in my heart for the people I will encounter throughout the day. My pastor says to recommit your life each morning to God by telling the Lord that today you want to serve him.

All these good intentions evaporate as soon as I turn onto the first busy street. I start getting angry at other drivers for doing annoying things like taking too long to go when the light turns green, driving under the speed limit, or for not noticing that I need to move over into their lane!

People aren't even aware that I'm annoyed and getting worked up, they probably don't even think they are being bad drivers (they aren't in most cases, they just aren't doing things how I'd like them to).

Before I know it, I've already failed to feel compassion, patience, and mercy for these people in my heart. I've already started to let hate creep into my heart and head instead of love and it's only about 8 am.

Today when this happened, I said, Lord please take this hate out of my heart toward people. I just had to realize that I was letting hate consume me instead of love.

Then I saw this-

How could I not love this cute little fluffy dog enjoying a ride in the car?

At a light the driver of this car looked over at me staring at his cute dog and smiled at me, it was sweet, and my heart was no longer feeling hate but love.
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