Vegan For Dinner

I've been waiting to post all day because I knew I'd have an amazing experience to tell you about!

Tonight I went to a local vegan restaurant called FÜD with two amazing sisters.

We had fantastic girl talk about all sorts of things. I'm pretty sure these ladies are going to change the world.

The awesome Katherine and Hannah
Besides having great conversation for a few hours we ate and filled ourselves with vegan goodness!

I had a Chalupa made with cheese made from cashews that tasted so good and sooo much like cheddar. It also had "chicken" which was actually made of Jack Fruit that looked like chicken, tasted like chicken, and almost had the same texture as chicken! If I was served this chalupa at any other restaurant and was told that there was chicken in it, I would not have noticed that I was eating Jack Fruit, seriously.

Katherine had a taco made with rice and mushrooms blended together and seasoned in such a way that tasted, looked, and had a similar texture to ground beef! Insane.

Taco, Chalupa, and Nachos!
All of our meals included guacamole which is always good, and the cashew cheese that was rich and cheesy even though there was no actual cheese involved.

For desert I had a chocolate milk shake made with cashews, agave nectar, sunflower milk, and chocolate. It was definitely good, it wasn't very thick and rich but, it was chocolatey and light.

Chocolate Milkshake
Katherine and Hannah had cashew ice cream that was chocolate with goji berries on top. It was good and tasted like chocolate frozen yogurt, the goji berries were dried so they were just like dried berries.

Chocolate Cashew Ice Cream with Goji Berries

I was surprised how much the food tasted like an actual chicken chalupa or beef taco or chocolate ice cream. I thought the restaurant would be more all about serving vegetables and not trying to make them taste like "normal food" at all. I enjoyed my food so much and would go back for sure! I want to figure out how they made the jack fruit I ate!

I'm not a vegan but I really like eating healthy. I toy with the idea of taking the leap and becoming a vegan but I am not committed to eating every meal every day with no meat or animal products. One reason is because I don't want to be that strict on myself, I want to be able to eat something that's not vegan when I really desire it. Also, it is just easier in group settings to not be on a vegan diet. Lastly, I cook for my husband and myself and he is not interested in being vegan so I am surrounded by normal milk cheese and meat in my fridge and sometimes desire to partake.

It is fun to go to a cool restaurant like FÜD with my friends and pretend for a night that I'm a cool vegan:)

I feel full from our lovely in-depth conversation and from the food we enjoyed!

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