Salads and ETSY

I am aware that I blog often about my garden and the salads we've been eating from them but I still can't get over how convenient and awesome it is to walk into my backyard and pick leaves that I can eat that I would usually buy at the store and let go bad before I could eat it all.

My salad has yellow and red peppers, half an avocado, chicken, and Italian dressing!
The thing about harvesting only enough lettuce or kale for immediate use is, it doesn't go bad in the fridge, it just keeps growing and thriving in the yard where it's roots are. The even more amazing thing is that my hubby loves eating salads now.

Matt's salad has Parmesan, chicken, red peppers and creamy Caesar dressing!
For two weeks now, I've bought a rotisserie chicken at the beginning of the week and use that in the salad along with some sweet mini peppers. We are both eating a salad for lunch and dinner so our grocery bill is pretty cheap when the only meat I buy is a $4.99 chicken that lasts all week.

For a special treat on Saturday night we has salad with coconut shrimp on top (the coconut shrimp are from Trader Joes and they are fantastic!)

If you are at all interested in growing your own lettuce, you should! You get so much reward for very little work (you plant, you water, nature takes care of the rest).

Besides eating salads, I've been working on setting up my very own ETSY shop! I've wanted to try this for a while but I was nervous that my ideas were lame. However, after seeing all of the creative things sold on ETSY I decided that as long as I sell crafts that I love and use myself, then someone else out there may just love them too!

You can check it out sometime by clicking here!

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